Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Best Mac Data Recovery Software - 321Soft Data Recovery for Mac

Best Mac Data Recovery Software

What is this software?
Have you experienced unintentional loss of data? Such as deleted data, corrupted data, or due to some unknown reasons that all your personal and important data are lost for good?

Well, with this new and advance software, you fear no more! :)

"321Soft Data Recovery for Mac is an easy to use and professional Data Recovery software, Complete wizard mode interface lets you recover your precious data from virtually ANY catastrophic situation in a breeze. 

Whether files has been deleted, drive formatted, partition errors, file system corrupted or other unknown reasons. 321Soft makes it simple to recover data with a step-by-step wizard! 

Also, It can recover data from USB flash drive, iPod, SD card, digital camera, CD/DVD disc, mobile phone, MP3, MP4 player and so on."

This is extremely important not only for personal use, also for small to medium company, to international companies. It can help to reduce asset/data loss through unintentional event.

Wish to know more?
Please visit their Official Site & download:

How to Recover loss files?
As simple as with only 5 steps, anyone with basic computer knowledge will be able to do it without much problem. 

Recover files and data from almost all situations in an easy 5 step process:

1) Choose a media that best fits your data loss problem.

2) Select a volume you want to recover data from.
Inline image 2

3) Select Recovery Mode.
Inline image 3

4) Check your selected options and start the scan.
Inline image 4

5) Select and save the files.
Inline image 5
Inline image 6

Why Use 321Soft Data Recovery?
Well, there are various software available in the market, why use 321Soft Data Recovery? Obviously it comes with various unique features which other competitors could not offer, such as:

1. Completely safe, read-only application
- fear not it will overwrite your systems file. It is a read-only software.  

2. Recover deleted files regardless of time of deletion
- time of deletion is not a matter, however, files on which partition is important.  

3. Recovers file even when system crash, or unable to start Mac
- unable to start your PC? No worry, you can always connect yoru hard drive to another PC with this software ready 

4. Free download available 
- wish to try it before you purchase? Worry no more, direct download link available below. 

5. Award winning software
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Official Site:

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