Saturday, 17 May 2008

My AUDIOBAHN car audio system

Front Component Speaker - Audiobahn ABC6002V 6.5 Component

I have always wanted to snap a photo of my own car audio system, but my Kodak Camera was broken few months ago. Finally, I am sick of waiting any longer, just use my handphone to snap some shot to share with everyone. Feel free to write in any comments. 

My Built:
I also applied sound deadening mat onto my front doors to solidify my mid bass speaker. This allow the speaker to produce better and more powerful mid range music.

Audiobahn Tweeter - Audiobahn ABC6002V 6.5 Component
Rear Component Speaker + Tweter - Audiobahn ABC6002V 6.5 Component
My Audiobahn 4 channel amplifier and monoblock amplifier

This is my Pioneer DEH-6950IB player. The reason why i choose this player is first because of the budget, secondly it is the 7 band graphic equalizer that attracts me. Higher-end Pionner player would have up to 13 band graphic equalizer. This allows fine tuning of your system according to various frequency. This player plays mp3, wma, CD. USB and ipod compatible but cable are sold separately.
I am using MTX 12" 5500 Subwoofer and not Audiobahn woofer as MTX has greater power handling than Audiobahn. Many of the online reviews also suggested that MTX subwoofer are better than Audiobahn. So i made up my mind to use MTX. However, the ultimate decision of choosing what brand of car audio products depends on your own EAR !! What is PERFECT to you may be rubbish built to others. So as long as you are comfortable and happy with your car audio system, don't let down by others comment.


trolley jacks said...

Factory-installed entertainment systems offer good performance, but not good enough for some enthusiasts who want bigger speakers, better audio and more bass, not to mention video, navigation and Bluetooth wireless capability.

Car Music Player Price In India said...

Car audio speakers are available in a large price range. Some speakers are cheap and others are expensive. Sometimes, expensive speakers will go on sale. That is always a great time to make a large purchase.

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