Friday, 24 April 2009

Mini Car Show in Kuching, Sarawak Part II


As I've promised before, these are more photos regarding the car show in Kuching dates back to 12 April 2009.

This is the interior of the Sport Mini Cooper, SOUNDSTREAM R1 Reference Series 15" Subwoofer,with 2 Soundstream PCA2000D MONOBLOCK CLASS D amplifiers. Notice a small capacitor at the top part of the right side?That is the Soundstream capacitor SCX-4 4 Farad capacitor.

Cool original Mini Cooper Sterling.

Butterfly vinyl on top of the car

Audio system build for this Mini Cooper:
Alpine CD Player( couldn't remember the model)
Soundstream PCA2000D Mono amplifier x 2
Soundtream XTC480 4 Channel amplifier x 2
Soundstream capacitor SCX-4 4 Farad capacitor
Soundstream Subwoofer Reference R1 series
Soundstream 6.5 Picasso Component speakers

What I like the most is the Soundstream Subwoofer Reference R1 series, which produces nice and clean sound even at max volume(from player and amplifier). The deep bass that it produce does not distort at any volume level.

More photo and details here at SOUNDSTREAM official website:


LiquidSilver said...

The girls...the girls...haha..

Anonymous said...

are those amp soundstream pca2000d for sell??wanna buy it..

mahesh said...

Good concept that u have done .its nice to see do ur best thing in this Mini Car Melbourne

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