Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Toyota Vios Photo Gallery - Heavily Modified

Below are photos featuring different Toyota Vios which were modified for car show purposes. All the cars were heavily customized from top to bottom, and from inside to outside. Different cars were modified with different Toyota Vios body kits, such as wide body kits, TRD body kits and some weird body kits.

Love this front body kits and the custom paint job, except that it is a little bit too low to drive in Malaysia.

Still can't figure out what is the car audio system used in this Toyota Vios.

Minimally-modified Black Vios, except for the sports rims, the door and the grill.

Black Vios with Spider Man theme.

Petronas-colour Toyota Vios

More photos coming soon, will feature on Honda City, Honda Civic, extreme modification too. 

Official Toyota site:


refuse vehicle hire said...

All of the cars has a very cool and unique designs on it. You can put your desired design on your car if you are going to customize it. Great works!

Tari Ledsome said...

Man these cars are jaw-breaking, especially the one with Spiderman on it. So how was it? What did you love the most? It seems like you didn't get engine shots. Didn't they open up their hoods? I wish I could have been in this car show.

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