Sunday, 9 October 2011

Linknami Review - Make money from home!

If you are looking for one simple and reliable company who offers online blog/sites advertising, link building, or earning side income, then try Linknami.

What is Linknami?
Linknami is a perfect platform for both advertisers, as well as publishers. Advertisers can publish banner ads, text ads, static text links, content snippets and contextual links on relevant pages to get highly targeted visitors. Advertisers can also publish articles on relevant niche blogs or hire blog owners to write articles and publish them on their blogs.

On the other way, a publisher in return uses their sites or blogs to publish the links, or articles to generate income.
The Linknami publisher tools give you the opportunity to monetize each of your pages and each part of your pages individually, from top to bottom, valuable page space that would otherwise be wasted.

Both advertisers and publishers join Linknami for a different purpose! Advertisers join to pay money, and publishers make money from it.

Now you ask, why do advertisers pay money instead?
By joining Linknami, advertisers can generate multiple links from publishers' websites. This not only can generate traffic, but indeed generate powerful backlinks to the advertisers' sites. By getting numerous backlinks, especially from high Page Rank site, this can in return make the advertisers' target page weight 'heavier' in the search engine.

Ranking on first page on Google in return rewards advertisers with traffic, sales etc. In short, if you are looking for building quality backlinks, then join Linknami.

How to Earn Money?
So, how a blogger can earn money from Linknami?

There are few ways in which income are generated:

1. Placing Links
By placing text links, contextual links and content snippets on your website and blog pages, blogger will be paid different price according to the sections.
What is text links, contextual links and content snippets? 

Example of different links:

Content snippets -  snippets of text with URL embedded in the text.

Text Link

Contextual advertising

2. Publishing Post or Articles
Blogger get money by writing genuine and honest articles and post it on their site.

These healthy and mutual relationships between advertisers and publishers ensure both parties benefited from Linknami. Linknami is doing strict surveillance in making sure all the sites involved are reviewed and approved before links published. 

How to start?
Simple. Go to and sign up for a free account. Follow the registration process and add your site. Hoola, you are good to start! Registration is FREE!

Still not convinced?
No problem, take a tour to Contact their friendly technician for any queries or doubts you encounter along the way. They are happy to answer your doubts with quick response.

In short, Linknami offers:

1. Buy / Sell Text Links
2. Buy / Sell Blog Posts
3. Buy / Sell Contextual Links
3. Trade Contextual Links

In addition to paid advertising, Linknami in fact offers FREE backlinks builder. Visit for more details!

Official site:    

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