Saturday, 21 August 2010

Best 2008 Eclipse CD/Mp3/Audio Player ever!!

Eclipse built the CD7200 mkII CD receiver to deliver uncompromised audio performance, pure and simple. Take one look at the copper-plated chassis and gold-plated connectors, and you'll know you're in the presence of a special machine — one that gives you complete control over your high-performance amplified system.

The sound
Instead of including a noisy internal amplifier, the CD7200 mkII supplies noise-resistant signals to all of your outboard amps through its three sets of 8-volt preamp outputs. The digital sound processor offers an assortment of sonic adjustments, including a multi-band parametric equalizer and time alignment, while Circle Surround II creates a powerful surround effect with your stereo CDs. You can also download custom sound settings from Eclipse's web site.

The features
Along with CDs, this Eclipse can play your digital media through its USB connection, or you can hook up the optional iPod® adapter to get full control over your iPod's music. The Multi Harmonizer feature restores sparkle and life to all of your compressed music files. The built-in Bluetooth® receiver lets you carry on hands-free conversations with a compatible phone, or to stream music from a Bluetooth portable. If you love good radio, this receiver will control an Eclipse satellite radio or HD Radio™ tuner.

Ease of use
Eclipse doesn't burden you with a mind-boggling control panel — a multi-function knob and a few buttons on the motorized face allow you to access and control all receiver functions. Eclipse includes a wireless remote so you can adjust your system while keeping your eyes on the road. If you're into audiophile mobile sound, the CD7200 mkII will drive your system to perfection.


* CD receiver/preamp with no built-in amplifier
* built-in Bluetooth receiver
* plays CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs (including discs loaded with MP3, and WMA files)
* motorized front panel
* wireless remote 

Audio features:
* 24-bit digital-to-analog converter
* multi-band parametric EQ
* high- and low-pass filters
* subwoofer phase switch
* time alignment
* Multi Harmonizer restores high-frequencies to compressed music
* Circle Surround II simulates 5.1-channel surround sound 

* compatible with: Eclipse iPod adapter, HD Radio tuner, satellite radio, CD changer
* inputs: USB port, auxiliary input
* outputs: 6-channel 8-volt preamp outputs (front, rear, and sub) 

Other features:
* copper-plated chassis and gold-plated connectors
* 6-pattern illumination options

Shop for Eclipse Player HERE

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

JUNE 2010 Latest Campaigns - Paying you up to RM30,000 - Earn MYR0.20 per unique Supoprt

Here is a series of Malaysia Campaigns, paying you as high as RM30,000+. The rule is simple, you must support their ads first, then you will be given a unique link, promote your link and you will get paid(unlimited clicks). In other words, you support 5 campaigns, and only 5 people click your each link - RM0.20 x 5 x 5 campaigns, you will get RM5.00. It is simple, and it guarantee pays.

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Campaigns List: (You can support all to get different promo link)

  1. Milo Hidup Bola
  2. KFC Snax
  3. Dah Lihat Video ini? - Nota Cinta
  4. Biotherm
  5. NIKE Cup Kuala Lumpur

Even you don't like promoting the campaigns, you can always support your favorite products too. :D

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Regarding the complaint in Borneo Post "Waited 12 hours to receive treatment in Emergency Department, Sarawak General Hospital?"?

There was a complaint in Borneo Post dated 21 May 2010, saying that a patient has waited for 12 hours in Emergency Department, Sarawak General Hospital, in order to received treatment and to be admitted into the ward. However, as a staff in the same department, I would like to give an overview of how the department is functioning.

The overview below reflects the normal system for majority of the patients, however, variety may occur depending on the severity of the disease, the number of staff, and the availability of the beds in different wards.

Emergency & Trauma Department (E&T) or Accident and Emergency Department(A&E) in Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) is in fact the first department to see and screen all the patients before they are either discharged, being observed for hours, or to be admitted into different wards.

It is divided into 3 zones, GREEN, YELLOW AND RED, according to the severity of the patients' condition. GREEN, as the name implies meaning all the non-urgent cases, YELLOW as intermediate and RED is urgent, needing immediate attention. For all the patients arriving at E&T, they are screened by the Triage Center, which will further decide which zone they will go to. The staff in Triage Center are Assistant Medical Assistant(AMA), who are medically trained to identify urgent and non urgent condition. Once they are seen at the Triage Center, patients will be directed to the respective zones.

Normal waiting time for patient in GREEN zone ranges from 15 mins, to 2 hours. In YELLOW and RED zone, waiting time is virtually less than 5 minutes as there will nurses/doctors attending them right after they are pushed into the YELLOW/RED zone. Patient in GREEN zone are mostly discharged back home with medications, with or without an appointment to come back to see the doctors. As for patients in YELLOW/RED zone, most of them will need some specialist input from different discipline, to name a few surgical, medical, paediatric etc. The first doctors who attend the patient are basically House Officer(HO) in E&T. Once patients are seen by HO, the more senior doctors, Medical Officer(MO) will again verify, and agree with the HO decision before further management can be made.

Once the decision has been made that the particular patient needs attention from certain discipline, such as Neurosurgical, the HO will call the doctors from Neurosurgical to come and review the patient, and this is always the time when patients are kept in E&T to be observed and awaiting review. Please be reminded that current SGH is still short of staff, most of the time the doctors on-call are busy in the ward, taking care of unstable patients, at the same time, they need to review new cases coming from E&T.

Apart from that, beds in SGH is always lacking, meaning that when a patient is decided for admission, he/she may not be able to enter the ward if beds are not available.

Thus patient may feel irritated that they are kept in E&T for too long, but in reality many process are going on in order to help and optimize the treatment given to the patients.

In conclusion, this is an overview to the public that how the E&T is functioning. Nevertheless, scenario may differ in reality due to different in severity, number of staff, availability of beds and numerous factors that may contribute to the waiting time to the patients.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Custom Red Toyota Vios

Front View of the Toyota Vios 2008 Model Custom Body Kit (by Thailand Car Body Kit shop)

These are some of the custom modified Toyota Vios by a car bod kit shop in Thailand. I would say they did a marvelous job. I like the custom-made body kits for this model as in Malaysia, it is not easy to get good and nice looking Toyota Body Kits especially for 2008 model. The exhaust of this Vios reminds me of Toyota Camry.

Despite the exterior appearance, the interior part of this Toyota Vios is also shocking, with fully equipped audio system(subwoofers, amplifier, active/passive crossover, capacitor, speakers), customized sterling plate, dashboard etc.

One day if I have a car like this, most likely it will stays at home only(didn't have the guts to drive it out to town) :D

Toyota Malaysia

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Free Online Streaming World Cup 2010 - South-Africa

How can I watch Free Streaming Live World Cup 2010 using Internet?

Well, you can visit sites like Justin tv, p2p, atdhe, TVU, iraqgoals, Live iphone, espn2, Streaming TV, telkom vision, Internet TV, Online TV, Sopcast, ustream, Yes TV, freedocast. Maybe those sites will show this coming event online via live streaming. Good Luck!

For youth aged 15-35 years old, please visit HERE.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My Wedding Car: Toyota Vios 1.5 E(2008 Model)

Front view of my car with the flowers

Right side of my car

Left side of my car

Back of my car

These were some of my pre-wedding photos of my Toyota Vios 1.5 E. The bridal studio involved is Mushroom King Bridal Studio, which is located at Ang Cheng Ho, Kuching, just beside to Kuching Park.

The car was polished a day ago prior to the wedding, so it looked very shiny, can indeed be a mirror. :D

Initially I wanted to put a TRD Toyota Body Kits for my car, which cost around RM2,000+ including installing it. However, I decided to delayed my plan as I wanted to channel my money into renovating my new house. So there goes my dream of modifying my car. :(

However, I will still consider putting some body kits to my Toyota Vios, body kits such as Toyota Vios GT Street Version.

This type of body kits is on sale in Thailand, and it is another variation of TRD Body Kits. There is only slight variation with the TRD version that is currently selling in Malaysia.

Visit Official Toyota Website:

Other Wedding Cars Collection:
Mini Austin

Sunday, 11 April 2010

EasyHits4U gives me 100+hits/day

(Click to enlarge)

Having joining for almost 1 year, it consistently provides me with >100 unique hits/day until today. This is a blog roll site in which you register as a member(free) and visit other people's blog. While reading other people's blog, you gained credits and people will read your blogs as well.

Other than providing me the traffic, it has another feature in which is unique to, is the 5-Level Referrals system. Your referrals can earn credits for you while they are surfing. When the blogs they read reaches 100, you get $0.10. Apart from that, you get rewarded with $0.30 when you have viewed every 1000 sites (unlimited).

However, if you are using Adsense, I would suggest that you don't use as they may target you as cheating and ban your Adsense account.

In short, join as free member, surf now and start getting traffic to your sites, you will definitely see the difference.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Wedding at HOPE Church, Kuching on 13th March 2010

First of ll, I would like to express my million thanks to HOPE Church, especially to Pastor Denis Lu and Pastor Laurence for helping in conducting the wedding matrimony. In addition,many thanks to all my brothers and sisters in church who helped voluntarily in the church (too many of them,unable to list them all here :) ).

Here are 2 two photos used in my wedding:

This is the flyer used in the wedding Matrimony !

Backdrop used in the wedding matrimony !!

There were more photos/videos coming out in a while, from the morning until the dinner that night. Some funny videos available too once I've arrange it properly.
Overall, by God's grace the wedding ran smoothly with the help from different one. Once again thanks to all of you who have contributed to my wedding either directly or indirectly.
Thank you.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My Wedding - 13th March 2010

Thanks to in helping in producing my flyer

My wedding is on the 13th March 2010, Saturday. This is one of my wedding photos, and it will be used as my flyer in my church. Photo was taken at Mushroom King bridal Studio, Kuching, and the photographer, Eric, is a naturalist, very good in outdoor shooting. Personally for me I like his outdoor photos. For those who like to have more information regarding Mushroom King Bridal Studio, you can always email me. They offer reasonable good price too.
More photos will be uploaded soon. Many thanks to all those have contributed directly or indirectly to my preparation, and thanks for all the prayer. :)
God bless you.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

50 in 1 Ebooks - Selling in Ebay for $0.99

The other day I came across an auction in Ebay, 50 in 1 Ebooks,selling for $1.99. I bought it and have a peep into those Ebooks. It mainly describes internet fortune, affliates marketing, and how to success in internet business. It contains 50 Ebooks, which had take me quite some time to digest it. You might find it useful if you are active in these areas.

Here is the list of Ebooks:

Ebay Pro

ReSell It On Ebay

Product Launch 1...2...3

The High Rollers Guide To Joint Ventures

Easy JV & Affiliate Manager

Adsense – The Dollar Producing Factory

Making Money With Autoresponders

Joint Venture Secrets

Product Launch Strategies

Online Freelancing

Affiliate Marketer's Toolkit

True Secrets Of Profiting With Co-Registration Leads

Personalize Your Website

Software Index

10 PLR Niche Article Packages

Easy Ebook Money

Money Secrets Volume 1

Traffic, Signups, & Sales

Handy Color Schemer

18 Advanced Techniques

Adsense Business In-A-Box

Email Auto Format

Instant Blog And Ping

Build A Hugh List Using Free Tools

Keyword Niche Power

Unique One Time Offer

My Article Submitter

List management Secrets

Mailing List Gold

Niche Pay Per click Empire

How To Create Your Own Ebook without Writing One Word

Paid Customer Goldmine

The Big Article Pack

Instant Affiliate Articles

Instant Internet Marketing Articles

The Mega Private Label Article Pack

The Making Of An Internet Millionaire

PDF Labeling And Stamper Pro

Podcasting Made Easy

Content Magnet

15 Of The Biggest Questions In Online Marketing Answered

South-East Asia Rising Internet Marketers

Autopilot Niche Ezines

Sales Page Rapid Fire

Confessions Of A Follow Up Marketing Geek

Product Launch Secrets

17 Skills

Scorching Hot Resell Tips

Download Site Creator

Back Burner Traffic

I paid it through a secured online transaction system, PAYPAL. For those who doesn't know what it is and doesn't have one, you can have a look and register HERE. It's free anyway.

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