Thursday, 13 August 2009

Proton Satria Extreme Body Kits Car Show

This is some photos showing Proton Satria with customized body kits. However, the front part of Proton Satria looked exactly like Proton Wira, thus making all the modifications almost the same ( I guess this is the standard of Malaysian-made car....always change the back, or change the front so that they looked a little different,and they sell again e.g Proton Arena..).
(Click for larger image)

Glossy orange Satria, with front part similar to my previous posted Proton Wira body kits.

White Proton Satria, with double super-size exhaust.

This is another photo showing Proton Arena with cool custom-mixed gold-green colour, and who say pick-up or 4-wheeler cannot have extreme body kits?
UPDATE: This is HOLDEN HsV Maloo (not Proton Arena)

(Original Proton Arena look)


Anonymous said...

nice pictures :)

nofasonic said...

nice pictures

Mabel Low said...

Wow! Neat stuffs!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics but that green car is NOT an Arena, its a Holden Commodore ute, there's thousands of them in Australia.

Anonymous said...

that not arena lah bro..

Anonymous said...

well that arena pic look like holden is exactly the same..

bongpb said...

Sorry wrong photo inserted, update done. Thanks for reminding.

Body Kits said...

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