Friday, 25 January 2013

Malaysia Car Extreme Bodykits

Some random photos of Malaysia cars modified with custom bodykits. Some to the extent of not possible to drive in Malaysia road. 
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 Proton Waja with customised front bumper.

Surprisingly, Toyota Avanza also can be modified into a fierce-looking car.  

 Proton Satria, with customised wide bodykit, back bumper, and also a super-high spoiler.

 Proton Wira with customised transformer-like front bumper.

 Proton Iswara front bumper, with old-man-like eye lid. 

 Proton Wira with not-so-extreme front bumper and wide body kit. 

 This is probably a Proton Wira..

Proton Iswara with customised front bodykit, sprayed with nice apple green.  

 This should be a Perodua Myvi.

 Another Perodua Myvi? 


Apple Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 2013

Apple Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, situated right at the middle of happening Jalan Alor, is one of the best budget hotels that I've stayed in.

With only 5 minutes walk from Bukit Bintang Monorail, it is quite a strategic hotel, which is very easy for me to shop in Sungei Wang Plaza, Pavillion, Farenheit etc. In addition, dinner is just nearby where I can just walk out of the hotel and have my meal along Jalan Alor. 

Due to its popularity, it is always best to book early. Though I am travelling alone for 2 nights, I managed only to book a night for double and then for single. Price is RM128 and RM98 respectively. Hence, as for my first night, I stayed in room 410, room for 2. 

A comfortable and small room.  

 Relatively clean bathroom. 

 Though a small room, they managed to squeeze in a table and a chair. 


Cute sink in apple green and apple shape. 

Then, on the second day, I moved to single room, room 201. Well, there wasn't any huge difference, except that they do not have the table and the chair, and they only provided me with one towel, as contrast to my previous night. 

Not to mentioned the hotel, they provides free Wifi, and also free luggage storage service. In addition, for in and out of the hotel, you need to scan your room card to enter the hotel, and then to enter the rooms area, pretty impressive. :)

StockBase POS 2012 - No.1 Business Management Software

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EGA Futura

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4. Bar code Processing Ready

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5. Complete & easy-to-use
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

AirAsia - Cheap things not good, good things not cheap.

I feel really frustrated with AirAsia, though now 'Everyone Can Fly', but 'Everyone Can Fly with Papaya Face'! I have many experiences, in fact too many experiences with AirAsia as I fly almost once to twice a month. Recently, there was a promotion with 10,000 free seats early 2013. 

If you find this too long and windy, just read the part in bald. 

As everybody else, I try to grab some free, or at least promotional price ticket to bring my family on a vacation. I managed to grab 3 tickets, from Kuching to KL round trip for only RM336, which was quite a good bargain. During debit card transaction, the page freeze a while and it said transaction successful, with transaction ID provided. 

However, due to no itinerary received, I checked my booking immediately and it was ON HOLD due to no payment received, and AirAsia will cancel my flight in 2 hours if payment did not get through.

Of course, I started to call their helpline, first AirAsia helpline - 0321719222, but was told they changed their helpline to premium line which charges RM1.95 per minute, 60085999. So, regardless of the premium line, I called their premium extension, and wth? The number you have dialled is not in service. Then I try their web live chat, and expected, no one was there to entertain me. So I guess Airasia make it in such a way, once you have purchased their tickets, you have no way back to speak to any of their representatives should you have any issues. 

As my ticket will expire in 2 hours, I rushed down to their office, which is about 45 minutes away. Reaching there, when I asked the AirAsia representatives, to my surprise, she said debit card charges will not be instant and I will have to wait until the ticket is cancelled or confirmed. Huh?? Debit card supposed to be instant deduction from your account, that sales representative clearly confused between a credit card and a debit card. 

My expression when I heard what the sales girl said. 

Thus I went to nearest Maybank branch, and confirmed my payment did not get through. I went back to AirAsia office to try to make my payment, and the sales girl just said "Tak dapat bayar sini, itu promo ticket, kena bayar online"

In summary I have to repurchase my ticket at higher cost. 

The point is, I don't blame AirAsia for their website as it was very congested and causing payment problem. However, they should always provide a platform for the people to speak to their agents/representative should the customers have any doubts. When they hire ground staff, please make sure they hire the brighter one, who will not say "debit card transaction is not instant." 

"Cheap things not good, good things not cheap."

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tokyo Car Show 2013 - Show Girls Gallery

Below are photos taken during one of the largest car show held in Tokyo, Japan. I take no credit of these photos, source from

If you like the pictures, you can right click on the photo you like and click 'save as', or if you like to save all of the photos, please click DOWNLOAD ALL(5.4Mb) to start download now, in *.rar format.


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