Thursday, 19 March 2009

Toyota Vios - To the EXTREME of CUSTOM-MADE Body Kits

Toyota Vios, probably is the best affordable imported sedan car for a mid-range income  family. Price ranges from RM70,000 to RM90,000, with version J, E, G, and S.

Below are the photos of some extreme custom-made body kits for Toyota Vios at one of the autoshow 2009.

Very Nice and Clean yellow Vios with wide body kits.

The back of the yellow toyota vios with smoked rear lamp

Special gold colour with diffuser in front.

All black design with black headlamp and Lexus emblem on the grill.

Vios design from b1bodykit club

This first model of Toyota Vios fully painted with airbrush and fitted completely with toyota vios DAMD bodykit.

If you like to Toyota Vios, please visit their official site:


KeeMan said...

Are you going to do this to your own Vios? Hhehe

Peter said... i wish to have that kind of Vios,but before that Hui Hui willkillme first~!! :p

refuse vehicle hire said...

I like the yellow one the most. Customizing your car requires a lot of effort.

Hafriz Razak said...

may i know what's the colour code for the yellow vios?

bongpb said...

Hi Hafriz Razak, thank you for your comment. Sorry I do not about the colour code. :)

priyanka jadhav said...

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