Monday, 16 May 2011

Honda Civic - Custom Modified

Honda Civic is an above-normal range sedan car. Price ranges from RM110,000 to Rm127,000. Many find them easy to modify as a wide range of body kits are available in the market.

Some random collections of Honda Civic, custom modified body kits and paint.

White Honda Civic

Red Honda Civic with super low spring and big rims
(this photo gave me an impression of modified Proton Wira Aeroback)

Yellow Honda Civic - Front view

Back view of the same yellow Honda Civic, resembling Nissan Skyline

Another custom painted Honda Civic, nice metallic green-yellow

Orange Honda Civic (displayed in LA Auto Show 2006)

Custom Modified Lancer-like Honda Civic
Official Honda site:


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plumbing said...

Changing your current broken car parts are very important to make sure of our safety and the good of our car. Thanks for posting !

Double Glazing said...

I enjoyed dreaming myself having one of those cars. Those cars are really a man's dream to have.

samantha marshall said...

Honda Civic is launched in 1973.It is a car with great space in it for 4 people.In starting it's engine size and speed is minimum but it increased with time.
Honda Civic Price In India

Frank Luong said...

Lovely cars!!! Nice post about honda civic body kits. Keep posting. I love it.

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