Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tumblr 30 Day Challenges

About Tumblr
Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website in which it allows their registered user to post various multimedia files, such as photos, video, text etc. Every piece of their publication is called ‘Tumbleblog’.

What about Tumblring.net?
“Tumblring.net is a blog solely dedicated to stuff related to Tumblr, the successful blogging platform. We offer daily articles bringing you the latest news, tips, tricks and hacks that you probably didn’t know how to make it happen on your tumblelog before.”

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On this special Tumblring.net, they have a special platform, known as 30 days challenges. It can be any form of challenges, and can be created by both the developer and also you. Yes any registered user can submit your comment or suggestion through their form, and once the challenges get featured and published, the credits will go you.

Submit your comment and suggestions HERE:

“This is a directory that aims to contain endless 30 day challenges, whether they are a specific Tumblr Challenged or not. Book Challenges, Film Challenges, Music, Anime, Cartoons, Personal, Fitness, all topics will have their own 30 day challenge. “

This is an interesting challenges for all the Tumblr lover, where you can truly enjoy doing the challenges day by day and try to complete it in 30 days. Some challenges can be easy, but some can be really tough.

Current 30 Day Challenges available in the directory:

    30 Day Cartoon/Anime Challenges 

      30 Day Misc. Challenges 

        30 Day Food Challenges

          30 Day TV Show Challenges 

            What are you waiting? Go to their official site now to start your very own 30 Day Challenges!

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            Wednesday, 21 March 2012

            Kuching Kia Forte

            My Kia Forte, 6-speed 1.6 SX, 1 month old with newly installed Kia Forte OEM Body kit.

            (Click to enlarge)
            My front bumper

             Side skirt

            Back bumper

            Spoiler, still at workshop waiting for installation

             At workshop

            At workshop

            Progress so far is only bokit installation. Next, I will change the Kia emblem, buy HID headlamp and fog lamp, and lastly considering to change the stock 17 inch rims to 18 inch rims. Meantime, still considering what and where to put some decals.

            Have a Kia Forte in Sarawak? Why not join the club at:

            Wednesday, 14 March 2012

            Jades Photography - Victoria BC

            Jades photography, one of the finest photo studios Victoria BC, has produced tons of beautiful and unique photos of different one. Weddings, personal portrait, pregnant mother, kids, landscape, you name it and Jade has done it.

            About Jades

            “Life moves too fast. There is something to be said for capturing a moment in time and locking it into a photograph. You can capture a quirky expression or an emotion that may have been lost otherwise. Photography can make you see the world from a different perspective and make you see beauty in something where it didn't exist before”

            What is so unique about Jades Photography?
            You may wonder why choose Jades Photography while there are so many choices out there. In reality, how many of the studios elsewhere really shoot the photos because they love photo shooting? Or they do it for the sake of getting job done only? Jades Photography, with her deep passion for photography, she will take every precious and memorable moment with all her heart, which many photographers are lacking.

            These are some examples of Jades Photography’s portfolio:




             Kids, baby etc.

            To see more of her work, please go to:

            Below are the testimonies of satisfied customer who have had their shot done by jade. 

            "Getting our photos done by Jade was a terrific experience. Jade made my partner and I feel comfortable and look great—a tough feat when you’re nine months pregnant! Jade lets you take as much initiative as you like with your photos, but she will also provide a good deal of guidance and make helpful suggestions if that’s what you need. She knows how to make you look and feel your best. Jade has a great eye for detail. With her you get the full package, all at very reasonable rates." - Sheena Sommers

            If you are in the middle of finding the best studio, or you want someone to capture your finest moment, then Jades Photography is your best choice. Do not hesitate to contact her through her official site below.

            Official Site:

            Tuesday, 6 March 2012

            Best MKV to AVI Converter for DOWNLOAD

            Best MKV-to-AVI Converter

            Are you looking for the best MKV to AVI converter ? With this MKV converter you can create and convert your video in just 5 simple steps regardless whether you are using windows or Mac. 

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            Simply look at their awards and you will know how reliable is their software:

            5 simple steps:

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            4. The powerful MKV converter can help you trim your MKV video, crop the video, and add interesting effect to the video as you like.

            A. Click “Setting”, you can set the size, video and audio quality.
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            What? You still couldn't get it? Why not have a look at the video tutorial on how to use the converter?

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            Example of running the converter on Mac


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            Friday, 2 March 2012

            Good Bye to Easyhits4U

            After so many years of using Easyhits4U, I have already come to a stage where I have to stop using it for now. 

            Easyhits4U is free, simple and user friendly. Register an account for free and you can start generating free traffic to your sites in no time. A credit is used when you gain traffic, and you can gain traffic by visiting to other people's sites.You can get that by direct purchase from Easyhits4U too.

            Apart from that, Easyhits4U allows you to gain credits via your referrals, up to 6 levels. 

            I have 464 referrals now, and still growing every month.

            Minimum of 3-5 referrals per month!

            With Easyhits4U, it grants me tons of traffic to my sites, including my 2 blogs and my pay per click sites. Until recently when I've decided to put up Adsense on my blog, I have to stop using Easyhits4U as further use of Easyhits4U will get my Adsense account banned due to violation of Google rules. Thus, although it is a good traffic generator, please do not use it if you have a Adsense account.

            In addition, for every 1000 sites you surfed, you are credited $0.30, and can be cash out via PayPal. And when your referrals surf 100 sites, you gain $0.10 each. 

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