Friday, 2 March 2012

Good Bye to Easyhits4U

After so many years of using Easyhits4U, I have already come to a stage where I have to stop using it for now. 

Easyhits4U is free, simple and user friendly. Register an account for free and you can start generating free traffic to your sites in no time. A credit is used when you gain traffic, and you can gain traffic by visiting to other people's sites.You can get that by direct purchase from Easyhits4U too.

Apart from that, Easyhits4U allows you to gain credits via your referrals, up to 6 levels. 

I have 464 referrals now, and still growing every month.

Minimum of 3-5 referrals per month!

With Easyhits4U, it grants me tons of traffic to my sites, including my 2 blogs and my pay per click sites. Until recently when I've decided to put up Adsense on my blog, I have to stop using Easyhits4U as further use of Easyhits4U will get my Adsense account banned due to violation of Google rules. Thus, although it is a good traffic generator, please do not use it if you have a Adsense account.

In addition, for every 1000 sites you surfed, you are credited $0.30, and can be cash out via PayPal. And when your referrals surf 100 sites, you gain $0.10 each. 

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