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Ebac Water Coolers Direct - Top manufacturer and Rental in UK

Ebac Water Coolers Direct


About Ebac Water Coolers Direct
Ebac are the market leaders in both the European Watercooler manufacture and UK Dehumidifier markets. Founded in County Durham, UK in 1972 by current Chairman John Elliott, Ebac has grown from a small one man business to a flourishing organisation which has continuously grown by developing truly innovative products in the Dehumidifier and Watercooler markets. With constant research and development, now they have come out with Plumbed In water cooler rental, which can be given direct to homes, businesses, schools and hospitals across the UK!

Products and Services:
Currently, Ebac is offering a great deal on their 3 most popular products, with prices ranging from £13 up to £25 per month. All products include the advanced hygiene, energy efficiency and quality features that Ebac are renowned for.

Slim Brita Filtered Water Cooler ("Bottle")
Emax Plumbed In Water Cooler
Fmax Plumbed In Water Cooler

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Plumbed In Water Cooler - Emax and Fmax available from as low as £20 per month. No hidden fees!

Extra benefits of using Plumbed In Water Cooler includes cheaper water cost, continuos water supply regardless of usage, environmentally, better storage and space etc.

To see the pros and cons of Plumbed In Water Cooler vs Bottle Water Cooler, please visit:

Further details on product and services:

Unsure of which Water Cooler is suitable for your home?
Ebac is so consumer-friendly that the company has Water Cooler Wizard to help you to decide on which product and services you want. This is a free service provided exclusively by Ebac.

Still unsure? Why not contact them? You can reach them at:
Tel: (0845) 634 1395.

To Buy or to Rent?

Why choose Ebac?
When talk about the different benefits of choosing Ebac, one can easily list out 100+ different advantages. However, there are certain advantages that every consumer should know:

1. Energy Efficiency
Latest technology of vacuum flask type outer skin, reduces extra energy consumption. Stand-by consumption is only 0.33kW per hour per day.

2. Unbeatable Pricing
Needless to say, Ebac provide price matching. Just send them your current water cooler price and they will do the rest for you.

3. National Coverage in UK
Whole of the UK mainland for installation and servicing.

4. Cooler Knowledge and expertise
Established in 1993 and constantly improving.

5. Ultimate hygiene
98% risks reduction.

6. Online management
Fully online management, both purchasing and invoicing.

7. Sanitisation
100% sanitisation and 50 times quicker than the conventional water cooler.

8. Styling and customization
Modern, stylish and practical water coolers. You can have your company logo on the water cooler.

9. NO Contract
Good products will always attract and retain consumers. Thus no contract is necessary to bring more business. We believe in quality!

10. Ebac - Direct dealing with manufacturer
We are the manufacturer, and we provide direct rental services. Thus reducing the total cost.

To know more about Ebac, please to the official site:

Official Site:


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