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Yamgo - Watch Free Live TV, Movies, Music Videos and Bollywood Now!

About Yamgo

"Yamgo is a leading global provider of end-to-end linear TV and video streaming services delivering transcoding, encoding, distribution, publishing and advertising solutions for digital media owners. The Yamgo live TV network, delivered via the pioneering Yamgo TV Cloud, provides a unique and unprecedented entertainment experience across desktop PCs, smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, connected TVs and applications."

Why Choose Yamgo?
There are in fact too many websites offering the similar services,claiming they can provide a a wide variety of TV selection free or at a minimal monthly subscription fees. However, many users find it unsatisfactory as the programs and services delivered are not as expected and not worth the monthly fees. Thus, with the increasing popularity of Yamgo, it has become one of the top streaming sites, for people who likes sports, comedy, MTV, news, and many more. 

No registration fees, no monthly fees.

Support Multiple Screen
Such as including computer (PC/Mac), TV (connected TV, set top boxes, games consoles) and mobile devices (smartphone and tablets including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia and Android devices).

Unlike certain free streaming sites, which only offers users from certain region, such as users from mainland China to watch the TV. Yamgo, on the other hand, has NO region restrictions, and you can enjoy hassle-free streaming from any where you like. 

Runs on Mac &Linux

Readily streaming even with 3G/WiFi on your smartphone

Bookmark available 
Save the hassle of reloading every time you want to resume your movie. Steps on how to bookmark it is available HERE.

How to start streaming?
As simple as ABC, log on now to, choose a channel from their extensive selection, click the 'Play' button and it will stream immediately without delay and buffering. 

Questions? Feel free to contact their friendly administrators at:

Official Site:

Saturday, 6 April 2013 - No.1 Fun and Free Photo Rating Site is a new fun and free photo rating website and social network. Yes, it is simple and free to join.

Once you have signed up an account, you can start upload your personal photos and let others view, rate and comment about it. 

5 Reasons to join now:

1. Upload as many pics as you like

2. Get rated hot or not by thousands of people

3. Receive and post comments anonymously

4. Private message people you like

5. Block people you don't like

Below are examples of top rated girls and guys. You can scroll and see the photos even you have not registered. 

(Click to view)
(Click to view)

Disclaimer by the site:
Pictures2Rate is not for pornography or sexually explicit content.

We don't permit hate speech, which is content intended to attack or demean a particular gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnic origin, veteran status, color, age, disability or nationality.

We do not tolerate predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, spam, invasion of privacy, or the revealing of other members personal information. Anyone caught doing these things will be permanently banned from

We reserve the right to delete your profile and/or pictures at any given time without prior warning or consent.

You must be 18 or older to join.

Official Site:

Card Nanny - Best Online Monthly Budget Planner

What is Card Nanny?
In brief, Card Nanny is a secure on line & confidential on line finance management software. 

Being different from other budgeting company, Card Nanny is a US-based company, who offers the ability to record your past expenses and budget, moreover, it allows users to set a goal/target, and being PROACTIVE enough by planning and telling you where your money will go to before you actually spend it. 

In addition, to be the cream on top, Card Nanny will never ask your personal details such as credit card, bank log in details. 

Why Card Nanny?
There are various budgeting software available on line, choose the one which suit you the most. However, as a general guide, Card Nanny has all you need in just one software. 

Easy, user-friendly & intuitive interface
The system is helping you to simply all your monthly expenses, budget etc, while allowing you to make other tougher decisions. 

Goals, to-do-list & Notes
Easy access notepad for fast retrieval of to-do-lists, monthly goal etc. 

Cell phone & Email Reminders
You can choose to setup unlimited text message/email reminders from time to time, such as monthly bill arrival, 3 monthly oil change etc. 

Secure on line information
Card Nanny will NEVER request any credit card or bank log in details. Absolute security has always been their top priorities. If you receive any email asking log in details, it is likely to be a phishing email. 

Receipt & Warranty Storage
Afraid of losing your important receipt and warranty card? Scan them and keep them permanently and safely on line, where you can always retrieve it at one click when necessary. 

As low as $5.95/Month
30 days money back guarantee without hassle, why not take the chance to try it now?

My Rewards Program 
By being their customer, you gain access to join their rewards program to enjoy various extra benefits. 

Helpful US Customer Support
Questions? You can always contact their friendly customer support at:

How to kick start Card Nanny?
First of all, you need to have a account with them. Try it now at:

Step 1) Create Account

Step 2) Add bills

Step 3) Define budget goals

With appropriate planning and budgeting, you can in fact save more than those who are not doing any budgeting at all. 

Don't waste your time, start now. It is never too late to start budgeting efficiently. 

If you are still in doubts, go to their FAQ page, they cab solve 90% of your doubts about Card Nanny. 

Official Site:

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