Thursday, 29 November 2012

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur, November 2012

Spent my November 2012 vacation at Kuala Lumpur for a period of 5 days 4 night. Stayed at Sunway Putra Hotel, I spent a day travelling to Pavillion at Bukit Bintang. From the Hotel, in fact I could easily catch the LRT (PWTC station), to Titiwangsa (RM1.20), and change to monorail to Bukit Bintang (RM2.60). However, since I was travelling with my wife and a seven-month-old infant, I decided to catch a taxi, and it cost me RM15, sounds reasonable to me for a 10 minutes drive. 

However, at about 7pm while I was trying to get a taxi, the taxi driver quoted me RM50, and refused to run on meter, I am talking about the normal budget taxi, not the LIMO or executive taxi. Now its the time I experienced the brutality of KL taxi driver. Well, if they behaved that way, then I had no choice but to take the train, which cost about RM7 for 2 adults to travel from Bukit Bintang back to my hotel, Sunway Putra Hotel.   

Pavillion 8

Pavillion 7

Pavillion 6

Pavillion 5

Pavillion 4

Pavillion 3

Pavillion 2


Beautifully and gracefully decorated Pavillion. Worth the visit and shopping. 

However, the taxi drivers left me a bad impression on overall Kuala Lumpur taxi services, it's still fine with me as a Malaysian. As for tourists from other countries, I pity them as they have no clue on how to use local train and bus services, and resorted to paying expensive taxi fares to unethical taxi drivers. 

Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Another official trip to Kuala Lumpur, this round I stayed at Sunway Putra Hotel, situated just beside PWTC LRT station. 

It's easy to go Sunway Putra Hotel, of course easier with taxi. Taxi counter at KLIA charged us around RM74 for 2 adults. However, a cheaper way would be getting a bus to KL Sentral, then take a LRT to PWTC station. 

Cost per night as a government servant rate is RM255, inclusive of tax, with breakfast for 2 included. 

Sunway Putra Hotel

Sunway Putra Hotel Cabinet

Sunway Putra Hotel Entrance

Sunway Putra Hotel Room

Sunway Putra Hotel Toilet

We stayed at 15th floor, a non-smoking floor. However, every night we could still smell cigarette smell from the centralized air-conditioning. In addition, cigarette were seen at the rubbish bin!. Although we lodged a report to the manager, nothing has been done, the manager just told us to complain again if you smell cigarette smell, they will send their security to investigate.

However, other staff, such as potter, security, chef were generally very helpful and polite. 

If not for official duty, I won't be staying at this hotel. 

Umai-Ya, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

My first experience at Umai-Ya, a Japanese restaurant was about a week ago at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. While trying to source for Japanese food at KLCC, my friend recommended me Umai-Ya. 

3 of us went in the restaurant at level 4, service was good. We ordered 3 sets of dinner set, a matcha (green tea) ice cream, and 3 hot green tea. 

Umaiya chicken set
Set of rice, served with chicken and sashimi

Umaiya seafood set
Seafood set, however, its quite spicy. 

Matcha Ice Cream
Matcha ice cream as dessert. 

Overall, to my disappointment, the food taste was not as expectation. For me as a sashimi lover, the sashimi served in the chicken set didn't really taste fresh and good. The dinner cost us around RM150, or USD50, which we think its overcharged. A simple meal at Sushi King, or Sakae Sushi probably do better than Umai-Ya. 

Overall rating: 5/10, probably will not visit Umai-Ya again in the future. 

Golf Cart Wedding Car - Sunway Putra Hotel

During my stay at Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur last week, there was a wedding dinner. Just beside the ballroom there was a show car, yes, I mean a wedding show car, and this was my first time seeing Golf Cart being decorated as wedding car. 

Though I am not too sure whether it is a real Golf Cart or just another cart to carry baggage, I will just call it golf cart here. 

Wedding car front
Front view of the Golf Cart

wedding car side
Side view of the Golf Cart

wedding car back
Back view of the Golf Cart

Monday, 19 November 2012

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sidewalk Cafe, Kuching

Sidewalk Cafe (I am not sure whether its called a cafe, bistro or a restaurant, anyway I will just address it as Cafe here), situated at Green Height, has been there for quite a number of years though I have only been there twice. 

I had an opportunity to visit that there again on one Sunday night before I went for shopping at Cold Storage.

Where is Sidewalk Cafe, Kuching?

Staff were very friendly and helpful, served us with their cheerful smile. We ordered Fish and Chips, and a Chicken and Mushroom Linguine. 

Sidewalk Chicken and Mushroom Linguine 2
Chicken and Mushroom Linguine
Sidewalk Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips
Sidewalk Fish and chips close up

Sidewalk Cafe
Orange Juice and Iced Peach Tea
Overall, the food was considered above average for the price, nice ambiance and environment.  

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