Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Kuching Kia Forte

My Kia Forte, 6-speed 1.6 SX, 1 month old with newly installed Kia Forte OEM Body kit.

(Click to enlarge)
My front bumper

 Side skirt

Back bumper

Spoiler, still at workshop waiting for installation

 At workshop

At workshop

Progress so far is only bokit installation. Next, I will change the Kia emblem, buy HID headlamp and fog lamp, and lastly considering to change the stock 17 inch rims to 18 inch rims. Meantime, still considering what and where to put some decals.

Have a Kia Forte in Sarawak? Why not join the club at:


Simon said...

Super car i really enjoyed itKia For Sale

Mark said...

Wow this awesome Kia cars.

Anonymous said...

BDC area, very familiar

Dewey Setlak said...

That is a very nice car. I can see that you tweaked it to your own designs. What will you use as the emblem, have you already thought of what you will be using as the logo? Hmm… as for the decals, I don’t think you should cover the whole car. I saw a woman driving Toyota that had Louis Vuitton decals everywhere and it was an eyesore. Stickers would do nicely, don’t you think?

Anonymous said...

bro where did u buy that body kit? im in kuching as well

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