Thursday, 19 July 2012

Flinders Station, Kuching

Flinders Station, a western food restaurant in Kuching, Sarawak is specialised in providing western food, as well as pizza. (Probably the same owner as Pizza Junction?)

Spent my quiet and peaceful Wednesday night at the restaurant with my wife and my son, truly enjoyed the meal. Staff were friendly, good price and good food! :)


My wife is a spaghetti lover, every meal at a western restaurant she will order it. You can have a look at:


Combo set served with mushroom soup. 


This is my favourite. I like fried chickens! This special dish is called 'Buffalo has no wings', and it taste really nice. 

Garlic bread.


This traditional crust pizza, served in one piece but with 2 different flavour. (Forgot the name of the flavour)

Very good restaurant, and I've visited the place more than 5 times since it opened in 2011. Overall rating 8/10. 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Secret Garden, Bistro & Bar, Kuching

If you stay in Kuching, Sarawak, and would like to try some nice western food, then you may try Secret Garden, Pub and Bistro.

Secret garden is situated at the old Lim Kok Wing college, near civic centre.

The environment is very comfortable, with soft music and friendly staff. We ordered a set of Grilled Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce, Secret Garden Chicken Wings, a Kid's meal - Louie's Spaghetti, iced Milo, and Iced Milk Tea.

Secret garden chicken wings
Secret Garden Chicken Wings. 
I can assure you they have one of the best fried chicken there, even better than K*C.
Secret garden chicken wing

  Secret Garden kids meal
 Kid's meal, suitable for small eater.
Secret garden grilled chicken
  Grilled Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce.

The dinner cost us around RM38.00, or about USD 13.00. Very affordable and reasonable, will definitely pay a second visit in the future to try out new food. 

Apart from normal dine in, they have special area for visitors to host any functions they like. Barbecue facilities, LCD projector and PA also available upon request. 

Highly recommended! - 9/10

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Shogun Japanese Buffet @ Sunway, Kuala Lumpur

My first ever experience at Shogun, a Japanese buffet restaurant, at Kuala Lumpur. Though there are many outlets in West Malaysia, they are yet to embark into East Malaysia market.

My all time favourite Japanese food ever, Sashimi!

 Cheese stuffed into it, taste real...maybe I am not gifted to eat this kind of seafood.


 I don't like this either, though cheese is my favorite.

Different types of Sushi

 Had to use a long sharp stick to 'dig' the body out. Nice? Try it yourself.

 Tom Yam Noodles

Not an expensive meal, cost us around RM120 for 2 person, and you can enjoyed as much as you can handle.

Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Kuala Lumpur

Had a official trip to Kuala Lumpur from 22th to 25th June 2012, and stayed at Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Subang, Kuala Lumpur. It took about 1 hour 45 minutes to fly from Kuching, Sarawak to Kuala Lumpur, and I pampered myself with an inflight assorted sandwich in the Airasia flight.

 Assorted Sand witch

Surprisingly the sandwich was good, and portion was pretty large. Thumbs Up!

Small water fountain at Lobby.

2 queen size bed, I am staying with my colleague.

A very comfortable room, with wifi access, flat screen TV. However, the air-conditioner was just too strong. :(

Apart from joining the official event, I managed to sneak out for a dinner at Asia Cafe, where I enjoyed barbeque sambal fish, fried squid, curry oyster, fruit juice etc. After the dinner, we took a cab down to Damansara, where 1 Utama, or 1U is. 1U is a mega shopping mall, and quite isolated. Not reachable ny monorail or LRT.
 Enjoying my dessert at SnowFlake

Overall, it was a pleasant stay, and truly enjoyed the trip. More to come!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Grand Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

From 6 July 2012 to 8 July 2012, I had a wonderful experience staying at Grand Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur(KL). Travelling to the hotel was easy though. 

Very tall hotel, reaching level 30+ in elevator.

King size bed.

Very large closet, with iron and table ready. 

Toilet and bath room.

How to go Grand Seasons Hotel, KL?
First, by taking a Skybus from Low Cost Carrier Terminal(LCCT) to Kuala Lumpur Sentral, it took about an hour. Then, I took a 5 minutes walk to the KL Sentral Monorail, and get on the monorail to Chow Kit station. Grand Seasons Hotel is just 5 minutes walk from Chow Kit Monorail Station. Total journey cost me RM9.00(Skybus) + RM2.50(Monorail) = RM11.50.

Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

Overall, I like the room very much, clean, cozy, and most importantly, odor-free(the reason of saying this is I stayed in a 5 star hotel before with cigarette smell)! 

My room came with complimentary breakfast, though the selection may not be that many, but the food was quite impressive for a picky eater like me. However, as a coffee lover, their brewed coffee was a little less concentrated. 

I had a 2 day 1 night course at the Hotel during day time, and I spent my night at Bukit Bintang. It is only 4 stations away from Chow Kit Monorail, and you can visit many malls at Bukit Bintang(Sungei Wang, Berjaya Times Square, Low Yat Plaza, BB Plaza, Lot 10, Farenheit, Pavillion etc), and have some really good food at Jalan Alor.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bed Bugs Removal Guide

All about Bed Bugs is an expert site, which provides everything you need to know about bed bug in great detail, including pictures, symptoms, and treatment.

Bed bugs, by its name they are always confine to bed, or sometimes sofa, carpet, and usually sneak out to feed at night while the hosts are sleeping. We do not feel pain at night as bed bugs tend to inject some compound to keep our blood ant coagulated and also anesthetic effect to minimize interruption to the hosts.

Sign and symptoms of bed bugs
- Multiple small, flat or raise welts on the skin that will always appear in a linear three in a row or clustered pattern because of the bed bugs tendency to feed on the same location more than once. 

- Rashes may last from few days to few weeks, longer in those allergic prone individuals.

- Tiny blood spots on bedding materials of dead bugs that are crushed during feeding or staining on the mattress from the waste of the bugs.

- Bed bugs feeds on certain areas, such as face, neck, back, hands, arms and legs.

More pictures at Bed Bug Bites Pictures

Treatment of bed bugs bites
-  Once you realized you are bitten, it is encouraged to wash it under running tape water for a minute or two to reduce severe itchiness. 

- You may also apply antiseptic soap and cream after that to reduce inflammation and itchiness. 

-  For severe itchiness, oral antihistamines are always recommended.

- Antibiotic is not recommended at first presentation, unless the rashes progresses to secondary infection by bacteria.

Once bitten, not only you need to treat yourself, but you must do something to prevent similar event from happening again.

- Inspect your room, sofa, and carpet, contact Pest Control if brown critters were found.

- Clear away unwanted clutter and clean your room thoroughly.

- Vacuum carpets

- Seal any cracks in the wood floors.

- Wash all bedding and clothing in hot water for at least 20 minutes. Bed bugs are very sensitive to heat and will die at temperatures above 120°F.

- Use a quality bed bug spray to kill off any visible bugs.

- Follow up the treatment with professional insect powders such as Diatomaceous Earth by applying it around the bed and carpet to defend the perimeters.

- Use thick, double-sided tape to tape it around the bottom of the bed frame or use professional traps as a tool to detect and prevent bed bugs before they bite.

- Use bed bug proof covers that are designed to contain fleas and bugs, this can prevent the bed bugs from coming out at night. 

Official Site:

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Daily Cash Blog

The Daily Cash Blog

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Chef at Home - Kuching Western Food

One of the best western food restaurant in Kuching, it is at the Hui Sing Garden roundabout, opposit the Petronas Station. 

Where is Chef at Home?

Ice-blended mango

 Linguine spaghetti 

Panfried Garlic Butter Fish

Will update on this page real soon. Do check back for more photos and comments.

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