Sunday, 15 July 2012

Shogun Japanese Buffet @ Sunway, Kuala Lumpur

My first ever experience at Shogun, a Japanese buffet restaurant, at Kuala Lumpur. Though there are many outlets in West Malaysia, they are yet to embark into East Malaysia market.

My all time favourite Japanese food ever, Sashimi!

 Cheese stuffed into it, taste real...maybe I am not gifted to eat this kind of seafood.


 I don't like this either, though cheese is my favorite.

Different types of Sushi

 Had to use a long sharp stick to 'dig' the body out. Nice? Try it yourself.

 Tom Yam Noodles

Not an expensive meal, cost us around RM120 for 2 person, and you can enjoyed as much as you can handle.

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