Friday, 24 April 2009

Mini Car Show in Kuching, Sarawak Part II


As I've promised before, these are more photos regarding the car show in Kuching dates back to 12 April 2009.

This is the interior of the Sport Mini Cooper, SOUNDSTREAM R1 Reference Series 15" Subwoofer,with 2 Soundstream PCA2000D MONOBLOCK CLASS D amplifiers. Notice a small capacitor at the top part of the right side?That is the Soundstream capacitor SCX-4 4 Farad capacitor.

Cool original Mini Cooper Sterling.

Butterfly vinyl on top of the car

Audio system build for this Mini Cooper:
Alpine CD Player( couldn't remember the model)
Soundstream PCA2000D Mono amplifier x 2
Soundtream XTC480 4 Channel amplifier x 2
Soundstream capacitor SCX-4 4 Farad capacitor
Soundstream Subwoofer Reference R1 series
Soundstream 6.5 Picasso Component speakers

What I like the most is the Soundstream Subwoofer Reference R1 series, which produces nice and clean sound even at max volume(from player and amplifier). The deep bass that it produce does not distort at any volume level.

More photo and details here at SOUNDSTREAM official website:

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Car Show at Kuching Stadium Part I - Amazing

Today I just had a chance to go to Stadium in Kuching to witness a relatively small scale of car show. It demonstrates lots of different car with different car audio system, namely from MTX, Helix, Pioneer, Sony, Soundstream, and etc. There were some cars with extreme body kits too.

This is by far my favourite car. This Sport Mini Cooper, looks cool in its original shape, with very clean and powerful Soundstream Audio System.
It uses Soundstream 15" Subwoofer with RMS 900watt and 1300Max, Reference R1 series which was boosted up with 2 very strong Soundstream PCA2000D MONOBLOCK CLASS D AMP, which delivers 2000 watt RMS each. Soundstream capacitor SCX-4 4 Farad capacitor is also used to enhance the subwoofer outout. It also uses 2x Soundtream XTC480 for 4 sets of Soundstream 6.5" Picasso Component speakers.
( More photos coming out soon with its very fantastic interior car audio system)

This is Proton Satria,which looked very nice with its custom-made body kits. Do you notice a small skull just above the car plate?Cool~

This is Toyota Celica, which has won a few prizes in its previous car show competitions.

This is Perodua Kenari, with very extream body kits as well. Noticed the 2 Chinese words at the door there?It means "Money Come", funny huh? This show car belongs to the company "LuiLai", which means "Money Come" in Malaysia Hokkien Dialect. They are specialize in producing very fine and good quality vinyls.

Mitsubishi Lancer

This is Mitsubishi Airtrek, which uses Helic as their Car Audio System, belongs to a Kuching Car Accessories Shop, Art Car Accessories.

There are more photos with very nice body kits coming out soon. In near future there will be another Car Show in Kuching, which will be held in a larger scale.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

My Blog Traffic Increased from 50 to 300+ per day

There are various ways to boost your blog traffic. The main thing which draws traffic is of course the content of your blog and how attractive it is to the readers. However, there are some websites which can further enhance your traffic, which may up to 300+ more per day.

Currently my blog traffic is 300+ per day and about 2000+ per week.

Basically these are traffic exchange websites, such as Blogexplosion, Easyhits4u, Blog Clickers, Blog Soldiers, Blog Advance etc.

The websites are listed in the numbers of trafic which they can bring:

1. BlogExplosion This is so far the bext website. It offer up to 100+ unique visits per day. The approval may take 48 hours but overall this is the site which i would recommend the most

2. Easyhits4u This site is easy to register and you can have almost instant unique visits to your site. Average daily increment is 50+ per day.

3. Blog Clickers It offers instant unique visit. Average of 20-30+ per day.

4. Blog Soldiers This site may take a while to approve your site. Average increment 10+ per day.

5. Blog Advance Similarly this site may take a while to approve your site. Average increment 10+ per day.

It is simple, register and submit your site for review, and you will see the results. :)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Honda Jazz which does not look like Honda Jazz


Well, is the jazz above extreme enough with body kits of Nissan Fairlady 350z veilside?

This is what we call making up your beloved cars > “Pimping your own ride!” For me, white is a very sporty colour and the owner of this honda jazz really make a good job on his ride. Smart and clean design white colour jazz bodykit with extreme lowered bumper in front of the powerfull vtec engine.

OMG! Look at the rear tyre! Tilted extremely outside. The function of tilted tyres is to give better grip and balancing especially for drifting cars.

This "Honda Civic" Jazz. Nice looking.
Photo reproduced from the courtesy of

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