Thursday, 9 April 2009

My Blog Traffic Increased from 50 to 300+ per day

There are various ways to boost your blog traffic. The main thing which draws traffic is of course the content of your blog and how attractive it is to the readers. However, there are some websites which can further enhance your traffic, which may up to 300+ more per day.

Currently my blog traffic is 300+ per day and about 2000+ per week.

Basically these are traffic exchange websites, such as Blogexplosion, Easyhits4u, Blog Clickers, Blog Soldiers, Blog Advance etc.

The websites are listed in the numbers of trafic which they can bring:

1. BlogExplosion This is so far the bext website. It offer up to 100+ unique visits per day. The approval may take 48 hours but overall this is the site which i would recommend the most

2. Easyhits4u This site is easy to register and you can have almost instant unique visits to your site. Average daily increment is 50+ per day.

3. Blog Clickers It offers instant unique visit. Average of 20-30+ per day.

4. Blog Soldiers This site may take a while to approve your site. Average increment 10+ per day.

5. Blog Advance Similarly this site may take a while to approve your site. Average increment 10+ per day.

It is simple, register and submit your site for review, and you will see the results. :)


S-H-Y said...

After 7 months I just started to submit my blog to furom or any kind of website that gives more traffic in my blog..I learn about this since my pr was lost hehehe..anyway thanks for the comment.

The Hawg! said...

Well, that EasyHits4U just drives me up the wall. You wind up with a lot of lightening-fast traffic, but no one sticks around at all. Besides, the site seems packed with "get rich quick" schemes.

Good call on BlogExplosion, however. Love that site and it's full of great blogs (like yours).

Peter said...

ya i agree with you that this traffic wouldnt stay unless your blog is attractive and informative enough though.. :) ANyway, thanks for your comemnt, and have a nice day

Bacchus said...

Thanks for the post! I use Blog Explosion but I did not know about the others. I am going to check them out today! I am still working on teh content for my blogs so hopefully I can start to drive some real traffic there. It would be nice to be able to make a little money here and there too! Thanks for the post!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Yeah, I like blogexplosion, too. hadn't heard of the others.

Allan said...

I use , it brings 100 to 140 visitors per day + You can earn money .

Anonymous said...

I have a similar situation. Can be discussed.


zool said...

Good info..
sometimes submitt to wrong places don't give any impact..need to do some research

Peter said...

Zool: the traffic is obvious with traffic exchange sites, however its not the quality traffic, 90% of ur traffic, or more will not stay..the best is still ur blog content :D

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