Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fed up with my Top 10 Money Making Sites

After a year of active involvement in earning part time money from the Internet, I had almost come to the end of my journey. Feeling tired with constant-mental-occupying with different money-making websites, whether they are International, or within Malaysia only. 

I had summarized a rough guide on the websites that I’ve joined, with the difficulty level and also the approximate earnings that I gained over the past 1 year. Some are easy to earn, and some extremely hard, and some…I have not even started!

- Difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Difficult, Impossible) - Arrange from Impossible to easy)
- Current activity and brief description on how to earn money
- Total earning in USD / RM

- Impossible
- Account suspended due to fraud click/activity (@?<&^%£$%^Y&)
- USD 0 / RM0.00

- Difficult
- Active: Similar like adsense, earn by getting clicks from traffic
- USD 15 / RM 50

- Difficult
- Active: Earn money by getting referrals, and when they do transaction, you gain some commission.
- USD 0 / RM0.00

 4. exabytes.com 
- Difficult
- Active: Sells website, good earning opportunity, as high as RM50 per sale 
- USD 0 / RM0.00

- Difficult
- Active: Sells website, good revenue too 
- USD 0 / RM0.00

- Medium
- Active: Online Auction site by selling stuff
- USD 6000 / RM20, 000.00

- Medium
- Active: This site is main for getting traffic, but can get $0.30 per 1000 sites surfed.
- USD 1.10 / RM 3.00 

- Easy
- Active: Earn money by getting sufficient traffic, and click through rate(CTR)
- USD 45 / RM 144.81

- Easy
- Active: Earn money by inviting friends to join, or by promoting campaigns to get unique click.
- USD 28 / RM80.70

10. says.my 
- Easy
- Active: Similar as per ChurpChurp, earn money by inviting friends, and promoting campaigns.
- USD 50 / RM 150.00

- Easy
- Active: Be an affiliate to promote the stuff
- USD 30 / RM91

Edited May 2012.
Recently I have come across a site, OnlineJobsFree, in which I help them by doing data entry job, and can earn from $0.50 - $1.50 per hour. They pay every 15 days, either via secure Paypal, or through wire transfer. Registration is free, and you can start immediately after registration. 
- Easy
- Active: data entry, form filling etc
- USD 120

Official Site:


ZaneSaria said...

have you already made a cash-out for onlinejobsfree.com? wasn't it scam? thanks. your response may be helpful since you tried it.

MCA said...

Hi ZaneSaria, I am not too sure so far. My earnings stucked at $19.20, doesn't seem to go up, cash out is $25 though. So sad.

Muhammad Muneer Uddin said...

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