Saturday, 18 June 2011

Genting Highland Trip June 2011 - Part I


During the last school break in June 2011, my wife and I had a wonderful trip to Genting Highland (or Resort World Genting), situated at Pahang, Malaysia.

Genting Highland is "The City of Entertainment" or "The Las Vegas" of Malaysia. It is suitable for people of all ages, as it has a casino called Star World, for people above 18, and an indoor and outdoor theme park, for children. Genting Highland is situated at mountain peak, around 1700m above sea level. The journey to Genting Highland is cheap, and simple if one knows the route.

First we took a SkyBus from LCCT(low cost courier terminal) to KL Sentral, the journey is RM9(USD3), and then from KL Sentral, we took Genting Bus to the cable car station(1 hour), and from there, by using Genting Skyway(20mins), we reached Genting Highland in less than 2 hours in total.

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The ticket only cost us RM9.30(USD3) per person to Genting Highland (Inclusive of Bus and Skyway)

While waiting for our turn to board the Cable Car

Enjoying the cool nature while riding in the Skyway

Almost reaching Genting Highland

There are many hotels provided by Genting Highland, namely Maxims Hotel, First World Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, Resort Hotel, and Highland Hotel, differs by its rates, and also location.

We stayed at First World Hotel for 3 days and 2 night, with the rate of RM216/night, or approximately USD 60/night, with breakfast included.

Outside view of First World Hotel

No air-cond at First World Hotel as to its cold temperature.

A small television, with local channel(TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV) and Vision Four Channels.

The access card for the room


Genting Highland Trip June 2011 Part III

Visit Genting Highland Official website here:



Richard Ling said...

long time since i last went there.

bongpb said...

Yeah this my 3rd time after so many years, some improvement and new games at theme park, will definitely make other visit again..with my children :D

bus to genting said...

The post is talking about the Genting Highland trip made in June 2012. It was an enjoyable occasion

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