Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Perodua Kenari Extreme Body Kits with Vinyls and Cool Paint

Perodua Kenari is one of the best selling Perodua car in Malaysia. Not only it is so affordable and fuel-economy, yet it looks damm nice even with only little modification, which makes it one of the car lover's choice.

These are some photos of Perodua Kenari after heavy customization.

Beautifully made wide body kits (what head lamp is that?Is it Gen2 ?)

The body kits are wavy, and my first impression is is it a Kembara?(another Malaysia-made car)

Headlamp for this Purple Kenari are also different, anyone knows what head lamp is that?

White Kenari with simple Gold-coloured vinyl, and BMW headlamp I supposed..

Cute pinky Kenari, with Hello Kitty as the theme, I am sure it will attract the young girl's attention.(Noticed the heart-shaped over the right headlamp and beside the carplate?)


Anonymous said...

I'm from west Malaysia.
Can u tell me where they all make widebody?
if can around KL-Selangor and reasonable price shop.

Dragon City said...

nice nice..

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