Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Black Proton Waja - Adams Digital Car Audio

One of the very neatly designed Proton Waja verion 2006. Very minimal body kits modifications, but concentrate more on custom vinyls, and also I.C.E. This black Proton Waja uses Adams Digital as the car audio system, with SPL setting.

Speakers used in this Black Proton Waja are 2 units of Adams Digital Hi-Mid Speakers, 4 units of Adams Digital Mid Bass Speakers, and 4 units of Adams Digital Horn Tweeter.

4 Adams Digital Sub woofer 12' were used, in order to produce sufficient low frequency bass to compete in SPL Competition.

Close view of the sub woofers

As for the amplifiers, this black Proton Waja uses 1 unit of Adams Digital 2 Channel Amplifier, 1 unit of Adams Digital ADS 500.1M, and 2 units of Adams Digital Monoblock Amplifier.

Pre-amplifier is used to adjust the various settings of the soun, such as treble, mid, bass etc.

The head unit is original Proton CD player by Clarion.

The Car Accessory Shop involved in creating this superb Black Waja is Fang Sheng Auto Accessories Sdn. Bhd.

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