Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fed up with my Top 10 Money Making Sites

After a year of active involvement in earning part time money from the Internet, I had almost come to the end of my journey. Feeling tired with constant-mental-occupying with different money-making websites, whether they are International, or within Malaysia only. 

I had summarized a rough guide on the websites that I’ve joined, with the difficulty level and also the approximate earnings that I gained over the past 1 year. Some are easy to earn, and some extremely hard, and some…I have not even started!

- Difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Difficult, Impossible) - Arrange from Impossible to easy)
- Current activity and brief description on how to earn money
- Total earning in USD / RM

- Impossible
- Account suspended due to fraud click/activity (@?<&^%£$%^Y&)
- USD 0 / RM0.00

- Difficult
- Active: Similar like adsense, earn by getting clicks from traffic
- USD 15 / RM 50

- Difficult
- Active: Earn money by getting referrals, and when they do transaction, you gain some commission.
- USD 0 / RM0.00

 4. exabytes.com 
- Difficult
- Active: Sells website, good earning opportunity, as high as RM50 per sale 
- USD 0 / RM0.00

- Difficult
- Active: Sells website, good revenue too 
- USD 0 / RM0.00

- Medium
- Active: Online Auction site by selling stuff
- USD 6000 / RM20, 000.00

- Medium
- Active: This site is main for getting traffic, but can get $0.30 per 1000 sites surfed.
- USD 1.10 / RM 3.00 

- Easy
- Active: Earn money by getting sufficient traffic, and click through rate(CTR)
- USD 45 / RM 144.81

- Easy
- Active: Earn money by inviting friends to join, or by promoting campaigns to get unique click.
- USD 28 / RM80.70

10. says.my 
- Easy
- Active: Similar as per ChurpChurp, earn money by inviting friends, and promoting campaigns.
- USD 50 / RM 150.00

- Easy
- Active: Be an affiliate to promote the stuff
- USD 30 / RM91

Edited May 2012.
Recently I have come across a site, OnlineJobsFree, in which I help them by doing data entry job, and can earn from $0.50 - $1.50 per hour. They pay every 15 days, either via secure Paypal, or through wire transfer. Registration is free, and you can start immediately after registration. 
- Easy
- Active: data entry, form filling etc
- USD 120

Official Site:

Monday, 27 June 2011

Random Car Show Photos in HD

These are some random photos of the car show held in West Malaysia recently. The cars are heavily and custom-modified with body kits, paint and vinyl. All are posted in HD format, please click the photo to enlarge it.

Proton Iswara in Green Hulk Theme, one of the very popular themes used for car show. If you would like to see other modified car with Green Hulk theme, please follow HERE.

Proton Wira, with Blue Dolphin Theme, excellent outfit, with custom air-brush paint. Another different blue Proton Wira, with Dolphin Blue theme, please follow HERE.

Modified Proton Wira, with Final Fantasy X as the theme.

GT HotWheels Theme Proton Wira, minimal body kit modification, but it looked real good!

Perodua Kenari, heavy extreme modification, very unique headlamp with custom wide body kits and paint.

Perodua Kelisa, with custom modification with the grill to make it an antique-like car. 

If you would like to see a custom Austin Mini in Kuching, please follow HERE.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Genting Highland Trip June 2011 - Part III


In Genting Highland Outdoor Theme Park, there are more than 20+ attractions. One of them is Dinosaurland, which is situated at the end of the theme park. 

This very unique park allows the public to learn about the history of dinosaur. There are small boats, ferrying around 10 people, and the boat will follow the small stream into a man-made cave. One can see different dinosaur in the cave, while there are radio broadcasting regarding the history of Dinosaur. This park is suitable for both adult and children, or even couples!



Besides seeing Dinosaur, there is a small wooden hut, with some design, probably related to people at Dinosaur era.

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If you are visiting Genting Highland, do not miss the Outdoor Theme Park. It has lots of attraction, including family ride, thrill ride, and children ride.


More photos and stories(theme park, food, casino etc) regarding the trip will be uploaded soon.

Visit Genting Highland Official website here:

Monday, 20 June 2011

OMG! My Car is gonna blow!

Some of my readers know that I drive a Black Toyota Vios 1.5E, and a Proton Wira Aeroback 1.3, which is 10 years old. If you want to see my antique car, please follow HERE.

Today during my driving to work, suddenly I noticed my car meter board, please looked at the first photo, it is the normal meter board, and the second photo...OMG, it was way too overheat.

This is the normal view of the meter board(at night).

And this was what happened after a 20 minutes journey. fortunately I was 2 minutes away to the destination, thus stopped by to cool down the car. After 2 hours, the meter went back to normal without intervention and I reached home uneventfully. :) I am so lucky that the car did not go overheat until it burn or blow up.

My Proton WIra meter board was once spoil in my first year of purchase, then under Proton warranty, they changed me a new set without a single cent. However, it broke down again after few years, and I spent RM200+ just to get the meter board fixed.

Click to visit Proton Persona Website: Featuring famous Malaysia DJ Jack Lim, DJ Lin & DJ Aanantha.

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Genting Highland Trip June 2011 - Part II


This is the Part II post of my Genting Highland Trip, and it will talk about different activities available at Theme Park, Genting Highland, may it be indoor or outdoor.

(There are far more activities than what is in my post, I posted only those with photo).

This is the main entrance to Outdoor Theme Park.

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This is the Price List of the Theme Park.

On my way to Outdoor theme Park.

Exciting Merry Go Round, suitable for adults and children.

Horse Riding Merry Go Round, suitable for children only :)

Beautiful small fountain at the entrance of Outdoor Theme Park

Motorized Water Bumper Boat(Beware, you'll get wet!)

Spinning Tea Cup - You can control the rate of spinning, romantic for couples!

Flying Elephant - You can adjust the height, suitable for both adults and children.

Thrill Ride, very very high, not suitable if you are afraid of height.

Fairy Wheels - Slow and steady round, family ride.

Antique Car - Riding at 5km/H.

Dinosaur Land (Will have different post regarding this), below it is the track for Mini Racing Car, only for adult with height more than 153cm.

Pirate Ship, new addition of Genting Highland Thrill Ride, exciting Station.

A small and unique eating place - in the Bus!

This is Indoor Theme Park - Vehicle Ride for children only!

Flying Dragon - Sitting inside the roller coaster - Thrill Ride.

Bumper Car - Available for adult and children

There are indeed many many more fun activities, outdoor and indoor, including 4D Motion Master, Roller Coaster, Boat Ride, Ghost House and etc. It was a fun-filled experience, if you have the opportunity, please think of visiting Genting Highland as one of your vacation destination.

Genting Highland Trip June 2011 Part I


Genting Highland Trip June 2011 Part III

Visit Genting Highland Official website here:

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Genting Highland Trip June 2011 - Part I


During the last school break in June 2011, my wife and I had a wonderful trip to Genting Highland (or Resort World Genting), situated at Pahang, Malaysia.

Genting Highland is "The City of Entertainment" or "The Las Vegas" of Malaysia. It is suitable for people of all ages, as it has a casino called Star World, for people above 18, and an indoor and outdoor theme park, for children. Genting Highland is situated at mountain peak, around 1700m above sea level. The journey to Genting Highland is cheap, and simple if one knows the route.

First we took a SkyBus from LCCT(low cost courier terminal) to KL Sentral, the journey is RM9(USD3), and then from KL Sentral, we took Genting Bus to the cable car station(1 hour), and from there, by using Genting Skyway(20mins), we reached Genting Highland in less than 2 hours in total.

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The ticket only cost us RM9.30(USD3) per person to Genting Highland (Inclusive of Bus and Skyway)

While waiting for our turn to board the Cable Car

Enjoying the cool nature while riding in the Skyway

Almost reaching Genting Highland

There are many hotels provided by Genting Highland, namely Maxims Hotel, First World Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, Resort Hotel, and Highland Hotel, differs by its rates, and also location.

We stayed at First World Hotel for 3 days and 2 night, with the rate of RM216/night, or approximately USD 60/night, with breakfast included.

Outside view of First World Hotel

No air-cond at First World Hotel as to its cold temperature.

A small television, with local channel(TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV) and Vision Four Channels.

The access card for the room


Genting Highland Trip June 2011 Part III

Visit Genting Highland Official website here:


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