Sunday, 10 May 2009

Funny SONY Xplod Car Audio Ads

These are some of the funny ads of SONY XPLOD car audio system. Nice ads which capture our hearts quickly.
(click the image for larger view)

The small captions at the bottom of each ads:

Explosive sound. SONY xplod GT series car stereo delivers a sonic punch like you've never heard before. Features include Quick BrowZer and Zappin for easy access and total control. Xplod amps and subwoofers rounds out a system that only thumps, it DETONATES. Ka- Boom !

Friday, 1 May 2009

Earning Money From Traffic Exchange Website

From my few months experience of using EasyHits4U, which is one of the best website to increase your traffic. It can simply increase up to 1,000 hits per day(No limit as long as you have the credits). My highest traffic ever was average of 300 per day by EasyHits4U alone.
Not only you get traffic from EasyHits4U, you also earn cash from your down line who surfs more than 100 sites. They will pay you $0.10 per 100 sites surfed by each member.

But, the sites rotated in EasyHits4U are mostly money-making websites, and remind you this kind of traffic won't stay unless you keep on surfing for credits. Unlike BlogExplosion, this site will take quite a while for your blog/site to be approved. However, it only approves quality blogs, rather than ad-related blogs. This kind of traffic will stay as long as you have quality content or information for your readers.

Personally for me, my favourite traffic exchange blog is still BlogExplosion, which provides very smooth traffic, and quality blogs, though approval may take up to a week. Rotation can easily reach up to 1,000 hits if you have the credits.

There are tons of traffic exchange websites available, but think twice before you register as many of it will only waste your time and bring very poor traffic to your site.

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