Sunday, 10 May 2009

Funny SONY Xplod Car Audio Ads

These are some of the funny ads of SONY XPLOD car audio system. Nice ads which capture our hearts quickly.
(click the image for larger view)

The small captions at the bottom of each ads:

Explosive sound. SONY xplod GT series car stereo delivers a sonic punch like you've never heard before. Features include Quick BrowZer and Zappin for easy access and total control. Xplod amps and subwoofers rounds out a system that only thumps, it DETONATES. Ka- Boom !


jeanneth said...

nice blog!

Richard Ling said...

lol`.. interesting

starlit said...

reminds me of transformers :)

sterndal said...

cool blog and very simple title :)i like it :)

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