Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Honda Jazz which does not look like Honda Jazz


Well, is the jazz above extreme enough with body kits of Nissan Fairlady 350z veilside?

This is what we call making up your beloved cars > “Pimping your own ride!” For me, white is a very sporty colour and the owner of this honda jazz really make a good job on his ride. Smart and clean design white colour jazz bodykit with extreme lowered bumper in front of the powerfull vtec engine.

OMG! Look at the rear tyre! Tilted extremely outside. The function of tilted tyres is to give better grip and balancing especially for drifting cars.

This "Honda Civic" Jazz. Nice looking.
Photo reproduced from the courtesy of


LocateBlogger said...

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Peter said...

Hi, no worry there, use some websites as i mentioned to help boost the traffic, and it really does. Frankly speaking it may not be quality traffic, but sooner or later you will capture some readers from the websites. what impostant most is the content,right? :) Nice knowing you

katherina_rumambi said...

Hi Peter, really nice to know you.. ;) thank you for dropping by at my has no limit, with, with daily life stories..I really don't know about cars and so forth (technically)..I am just in a level of amazement..haha..

Buy Honda said...

Love the body kits! Add some spinners and your away.

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