Thursday, 28 July 2011

Please help this Poor Little Dogie!

I know this is not relevant to this blog, but some of you may know that I have a 2-year-old female Maltese named Babie, and she weighs about 4.5kg.

This post is mainly to seek expert opinion, solutions or suggestions from public regarding her skin condition.

My little dog has been suffering from skin disease since December 2010. Due to severe itchiness, Babie keeps scratching and biting. Thus, the fur at her legs started to fall off, and it is getting extensive.

The red patch at the tail is due to her bite mark.

Some of her fur are growing, some are not. 
This condition keep repeating like a vicious cycle.

Her back is so smooth. Fur-less.

Patchy fur loss.

We sought treatment from veterinanian, and was diagnosed as yeast infection. Here are some of the summaries regarding the treatment that I have given to her, however, none seems to work.

1) Started on T. Griseofulvin 50mg OD for almost 2-3 months.

2) Concurrently using topical Miconazole(anti-fungal) and steroid cream.

3) Malaseb Shampoo, used every 3 days, soaked for 10 minutes before washed off. Used approximately 1 month.

4) Currently, she is on T. Ketoconazole 50mg BD, 3rd week of treatment. However, skin does not seem to improve, and extending from back leg to neck now.

5) Regular Spot-on and collar(Bayer).

Now we keep her on a tiny shirt to keep her from biting and scratching. But condition remains the same.

I would appreciate if you can offer us any opinion, your past experience, or any good website or links that might help my poor little dogie.

Please kindly drop us a comment below. Appreciate your time in reading.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Increase Your Facebook "Like" by millions!

Recently on 9 July 2011, a historical day in Malaysia, BERSIH(NGO) had conducted a peaceful rally in Kuala Lumpur in order to fight for a clean and just election. However, there were some evidence showing the police force had taken some brutal action against the people, resulting in more than 1500 people arrested. 

Due to that, there are many different voices showing disatisfaction to Malaysia government and the police force(PDRM). One of them is 100,000 People Request Najib Tun Razak Resignation Facebook fan page. It has received more than 100,00 likes in less than 24 hour, without any paid advertising. This shows that many Malaysians are not happy with their current government.

Current like 173, 296 and it is still increasing.
The way this fan page receive its response is not by paid advertising, however, because there are many people reposting and linking the site, thus the exposure greatly increased.
With great traffic and response, the site was featured even in Google Top Stories page!

As for myself, I used several tactics in increasing my Facebook Page "Like "!

1. Simply make your page interesting and worth following, thus by all means when traffic increased, your Facebook "Like" will eventually increase.

2. Through paid advertising, such as Facebook Adverts, similar like Google Ads in which you will see the ads not in other sites other than Facebook. Minimum fees is USD1.00/day.

E.g. Your ads will look like this:
The real website will look like THIS:

3. Repost your links in Facebook by your friends, thus increasing its exposure. When you or your friends "Like" a page, it will appear in the recent updates, thus for people with similar interest, they will click the link, and most probably will "Like" it if it suits their interest. 

Increase of 300+ "Like"s over a week.

Current "Like"
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I used approximately USD0.01 per click, or RM0.03 per click generated through Facebook Adverts. I find this very rewarding as I can control my daily budget, and pay using credit card. You can use Paypal to pay the bill too. 

You may ask why spend money on increasing "Like"? Well, first with some minimal investment, I gain stable traffic to my site, with stable traffic, I started to generate stable revenue through Nuffnang and other advertising programs. 

The most recent earnings. Available for cash out.

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