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How to remember dreams - Silva Intuition System

How to remember dreams?
All of us dream almost every night. Some might experience more than one dream in a single night. BUT, how many of us can really remember your dreams after you wake up? 

Wait, why are we even bother to remember our dreams? Well, Silva Intuition System in fact has done research and showed that trying hard remembering your dreams can have more benefits rather than just remembering them alone. Apart from that, mastering the technique can even help you to program your dream!

Who is Laura Silva?
Before you read more, probably you need to know a little bit more about our guru today, Laura Silva.

“Laura Silva is President of Silva International and the daughter of Jose Silva, founder of the original Silva Mind Control Method. Born during the pinnacle of the Silva research on mind development, Laura was one of the primary research subjects which gave her extensive personal experience and insight into the creation and use of intuitive techniques..”

In other words, Laura Silva teaches us how to effectively use, control and organise your mind.

Benefits of dreams recall:

Develop and train your memory

I read, and I practised from Silva Intuition System, and it really helps me in improving my memory. The physiology is that our left brain works more during waking hours, however, during sleep, both our right and left hemispheres working together. Thus, by doing this repeatedly, it teaches our brain to work in a more balance way, and have a better filing system.

Greater mental control

The reason of me saying to have better mental control is that in order to remember your dream effectively, you must first program it into your mind, this is where Silva Intuition System comes in. With only 3 fingers technique, you can learn to program the type of dream you want, the fact you want to remember and etc.

“ The Dream Control technique is very comprehensive. It teaches you how to remember dreams, but also how to deliberately design the kinds of dreams you want to have and use them to problem-solve, to come up with creative ideas for any situation, and to gain clarity on puzzling situations in your life.”

Laura Silva explaining how to use the Clock and the Dream Control techniques

 Of course there are more other than above mentioned, if you wish to read more, please go to their official site:

Other related articles and mind exercise by Laura Silva

How to stay awake when you need it - Silva Life System


How to stay awake when you need it
Yes, like the title implies, regardless whether you are students, CEO, normal working adults like me, or even a housewife, this post is ready for you to make sure you stay awake at the right time. Laura Silva will teach you tips and tricks on how to stay awake while feeling sleepy.

Who is Laura Silva?
Before you read more, probably you need to know a little bit more about our guru today, Laura Silva.

“Laura Silva is President of Silva International and the daughter of Jose Silva, founder of the original Silva Mind Control Method. Born during the pinnacle of the Silva research on mind development, Laura was one of the primary research subjects which gave her extensive personal experience and insight into the creation and use of intuitive techniques..”

Sleep Cycle
To learn effectively from Laura Silva on how to counter your sleepiness, you will need to understand some basics on the sleeping cycle. Silva Life System in fact provides you with relevant facts on what you need to know to keeping you awake at the right time. 

Our Sleep broadly divided into 2 stages: Rapid eye movement (REM) & non-rapid eye movement NREM. 

In NREM, there are 3 phases which are characterized by alpha, theta and delta waves, as evident on electroencephalogram (EEG).

The cycle goes by changing from one phase to another: Alpha – Theta – Delta – REM, with roughly 90 minutes per phase. Thus a normal adult in a night will have 1 or more sleep cycles.

5 Steps by Laura Silva
Now, staying awake is perfectly normal for people from all walks of life. Do not worry if you think you are the only one who fell asleep during meeting. The principle of this exercise is to disrupt the sleep cycle, especially on the Alpha wave. You can do it at anytime and anywhere whenever you feel sleepy. 

1. When you are feeling sleepy at the wrong time, first you must acknowledge that you are sleepy. You can do this by telling yourself “I am drowsy and sleepy”.

2. Secondly, set a goal for yourself by convincing yourself that “I am not drowsy and sleepy”.

3. Reinforce this by counting from one to five.

4. After counting down, tell yourself “I am wide awake, feeling fine and perfectly healthy, feeling better than before.”
5. Finally, enjoy your success of staying awake.

This mind exercise works perfectly well for me. Like to know more about mind exercise, please visit their official site:

Official Site:

Apart from teaching you on how to stay awake, Laura Silva has many interesting articles which are greatly relevant to our daily life:


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Best AVI-to-DVD Converter

Best AVI-to-DVD Converter
Want to convert your video to DVD? Or edit your DVD movie? You are at the right site in which detail explanation will be given on how to convert your AVI to DVD. Download version available for Windows as well as Mac.

The software can help you create a new DVD from AVI video, and other formats, like MP4, H261, AVI, MPEG, MKV, WMV, ASF, DAT, MPG. Furthermore, you can personalise your movie clip by editing it using the software, thus making every movie unique and professional looking.

Official Site: AVI to DVD

How to Start?
First you will need the software, may it be Windows or Mac version. You can download the software for free here:

For Windows:

Install the software, click ‘browse’ to load the movie.

With the help of the converter, you can edit AVI files before conversion. Just highlight the file you want to edit and click the ‘Edit’ button. You can add different transforms, audio, effects, text, etc.

Click ‘To DVD’ button. Then choose the profile and quality settings from ‘Burn To:’, including ‘DVD NTSC’, ‘High quality’, ‘DVD PAL’, ‘Standard play’, etc. Click on the ‘Advanced>>’ button, you can set the aspect ratio to 4:3 or 16:9.

Now, click the ‘Convert Now!’ button to convert AVI to DVD.

Just wait for a minute. The DVD folders (Video_TS, Audio_TS) and related VOB/IFO files will be placed in the output folder. Now, you can create your disc. Please insert your blank DVD+R(W) or DVD-R(W) disc, then check ‘Verify disc’ and click ‘Burn’ button.

For Mac User:
The DVD Maker for Mac is the best software to convert AVI to DVD Mac, it can create/burn DVD from all common videos like MP4,M4V,AVCHD, MTS, Flip, MPG, MOV, Divx, Xvid, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MOD etc.

Create or burn the highest quality DVDs from all popular video files
You can personalise DVD movie with gorgeous DVD menus and special video effects

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Support PAL or NTSC DVD discs including DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL

Clip certain segments out of your videos, and then burn them to DVD disk easily

You can choose different styles of backgrounds for the DVD, and specify the DVD background now

Input Video Formats Supported: AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, DV, MKV, AMV, Divx, Xvid, WMV, MPG, MPEG-2, TS, TRP, MOD, HD Video, AVCHD, ASF, SWF, MPEG-1, M2TS, TOD etc

Input Audio Formats Supported: MP3, FLAC, OGG, AIFF, WAV, AC3, WMA, AAC, APE,M4A, MP2, MKA, RA, M4B
DVD Disk Supported: DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL
OS supported: Mac OS X 10.5 or above

Why Choose AVI-DVD Converter?
  1. FREE download - Version available for both Windows and Mac, try now by going to their official site for download!
  2. EASY & FRIENDLY user interface - Follow simple instructions and you can have your DVD done in no time!
  3. EDIT your AVI before burning into DVD format.
  4. FRIENDLY developer - Got a problem? Why not try and contact the developer via 'Contact Us' and see how fast they can get back to you!

Official Site: AVI to DVD

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Homes for Sale - Vancouver

Do you have property at Kitsilano or Vancouver?
Kevin Frank- Bringing Families Home, is a specialised site in managing properties. Their aim is to give their best for their customers, may it be selling house, buy/rent new or used house, or even consultation.

Who is Kevin Frank?

He is an estate professional or a Vancouver Realtor, with approval by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, Kevin Frank is living in Kits himself for many years. Kevin Frank knows every neighbourhood and every street, more specifically, of all the subdivisions of the west side. Kevin Frank can provide the best up-to-date information and undivided attention. Services available include finding the most suitable condominium, perfect house which suit your preferences, financial budget, and other personal reasons.

Through his unique and unconventional marketing approach, Kevin Frank has help countless people to find new home, and to sell their home at Kitsilano or Vancouver. 

“Your complete satisfaction is my primary goal. I promise I will be there for you every step of the way to turn your dream into reality.”   

So, what is so Unique about Homes for Sale Vancouver?

1. This site is UNIQUE and SPECIFIC
As I mentioned earlier, this site focus on properties from Kitsilano or Vancouver, thus attracting visitors mainly from the specific areas. With their professional site and with relevant buyers and sellers, you will have a higher chance in finding what you need.
Detail and comprehensive Descriptions of the property

Listings of properties by Kevin Frank were done in a very professional approach. For example:
Video attached with descriptions

(Click the photos to enlarge to see how detail can it be)

2. Buyer & Seller TIPS, Purchase PLANNER and More!
Not ready to purchase anything yet? No worry, hop on the site and read their tips, you will need it in the near future as you start buying property. Tips are available for buyer as well as sellers.

3. Detail Neighbourhood & Community Map
Worry about neighbour, school, etc? Let Kevin Frank help you by providing you up-to-date and detail mapping on the area you desired. Browse through the list, and see what are available at your area. If you can’t find what you want, don’t give up. Try contacting them and see how fast they will reply you.
4. Daily living TIPS & ADVICE
Apart from all the buying and selling, for a normal citizen like you and me can read from the blog in which many advice were highlighted by Kevin Frank.

For example:
How to Make the Most of your Garage Space
Vancouver Apartment and Condo Living
Haunting your Space and more!

Visit their Official Site now:

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Who Can Fix My Car - Perfect Site for every car owners and mechanics!

Nowadays it is not so expensive to get a car. However, what normally troubles the car owners is the time when you need to pay for your petrol, road tax, car insurance, servicing, repair etc. Many a times, we look at buying car as one simple grocery shopping. In fact, we need to think of the days ahead that we need to pay more to get our wheels going. Of course more expensive cars will need more costly maintenance. 

On our bad days, our cars will somehow fell ‘sick’, may it be a minor or a life-threatening condition; we will need to send our cars to garage for repair. Many of us will have a ‘family physician’ for your own car. However, some of us do not, and sending cars to someone you do not know may result in paying super expensive bills. 

Now, with, you can look for reliable mechanics near your area, with their respective ratings.

Behind WhoCanFixMyCar
This site is run by few very experience and senior people in the related field.

CEO: Ian. G
Sales and Marketing Director: Alistair. P
Sales Advisor: Sarah. T
Sales Advisor: Peter T
Sales Advisor: James P
To read more on them, please go to their Profile Page.

How it works?

4 simple steps:
  1. Post your jobs or request
  2. get quote from various mechanics from your area
  3. Hire them
  4. Ta-daa! Leave feedback!

Buyers get to communicate with desired mechanics via their secure messaging system.

This site is trustworthy and reliable in that customers get to leave feedback for their mechanics. This system helps to improve the overall performance of all the mechanics as they will need to work harder in order to fight with their competitors.

Services Available
Here are some listed services available for car owners. However there might be more requests in the future.
(Click to enlarge)

For Mechanics/Parts Suppliers

Wait, how about if you are a mechanic?

This is also an awesome site for you in which you can find jobs here, and give your customers a reasonable quote.  So, if you are a mechanic, do not forget to ‘Like’ the page, and drop by often to check up on latest job requests. 

Similarly for parts supplier, you can look for possible parts request through the site and deliver your goods if deal. 

WAIT! For a limited time in, you can win away iPod shuffle for absolutely FREE!  

Visit Official Site:

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Mitsubishi Lancer - Hills Shopping Mall Kuching

Black and yellow Mitsubishi Lancer spotted at Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching, Sarawak. Those 2 cars were there during the weekend for promotion of their superb car alarm system. 

The black one is the latest model launched in 2007 until present. 





The yellow Lancer is in fact one of the very old models, fifth generation of Mitsubishi series.It was probably launched in 1988+.


Though it is an old car, however, it was modified with minimal body kits, sports rims, and custom yellow paint and vinyl. The front and back lamps are preserved with the original lamps.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Is Churphurp a scam?


Is ChurpChurp a scam?
I’ve been faithfully using ChurpChurp for about a year. If you do not know what is ChurpChurp, it is in fact a sub company of Nuffnang, and users who use ChurpChurp, or better known as Churpers get to earn money by generating unique click through their advertiser’s links.

ChurpChurp pays users RM0.20 for every unique click generated. On every Wednesday, money credited will be doubled to RM0.40 per unique click.BUT, there are few aspects I am not happy with ChurpChurp:

1. Not real time basis of clicks counting
ChurpChurp does not count your clicks as real time basis. In fact, they only credit you your earnings usually after 1 week or after the campaign have ended. In comparison to another similar company,, the clicks are counted as real-time basis.

2. Unique clicks are not equal to my earnings
Because I always found that my I only have 1 to 2 unique clicks even though I posted my links on my main page of my site with 750 unique visits per day, on Facebook or Twitter, I started to query regarding the mechanism how ChurpChurp count their clicks. I’ve attached some proof on clicks generated through Google Analytics, and how much earning do I get from those clicks.

 My clicks based on Google. 

You can see how pathetic is my earnings for each campaign. Ranging from RM0.20 - RM0.60, or in other words, is only 1 - 3 unique clicks.

If you come to think of it, with total clicks of 300-400 per day, it is almost impossible to receive only that few UNIQUE clicks. Thus I am still waiting for them to credit my earnings, which I would not put so much hope on.

3. Relatively High Payout
Payout is RM100 (about 500 unique clicks), which is considered very high if you do not generate sufficient clicks. Thus I would assume only a minority group of people will successfully get their payout, and probably will need to wait for a year or two for a second payout. This is relatively higher in comparison to other similar regional companies who pay out at RM50.

The purpose of writing this post is not to defame ChurpChurp, but I just want to share my experience with my fellow Churpers. If you have received payout from them, congratulations! 

I welcome comments from everyone.

Official Site:

Monday, 31 October 2011

Funny Quiz about Malaysia, Singaporean can join too!

 Screenshot of the Page

Go to: Official Quiz Page

About this Mini Quiz
This is a 5-minutes fun quiz, comprises of 20 random questions, some are easy while some are tricky. If you have time I would strongly suggest you try out the quiz. 

How to answer the quiz?
1. Go to the QUIZ page.
2. Scroll down the page slowly and answer one by one.
3. Tick the answer you desired, and click 'Finish'.
4. Wait for the result and average score and the proceed to next question.

Your answers is definitely confidential, and you will get to see what is the average score.


Sunday, 16 October 2011

How to Win at Roulette in the Long-Term?

How to Win at Roulette in the Long-Term
If someone tells you that he or she has a sure-win Roulette software or system for any online casino, probably they are cheating your money. BUT, what we will discuss here is “How to Win at Roulette….. in the Long-Term”. The key word is Long-Term!
In Casino, whether a land-based casino, or an online casino, Roulette is one of the most-played games, despite the minute probability of winning.

If you were to bet a single number from 37 numbers, the chance of winning is simply 1 in 37. It sounds impossible to hit your bet at your first bet. There is not a single software or system in the world can tell you exactly what will be the next number that will bring you fortune. However, by using this software, you will WIN Roulette, not at first bet of course, BUT through various bets which will grant you positive winning.

In this guide, you are going to discover a totally new and different way in mastering Roulette in more than 250+ online casinos.

What is Roulette?
Meaning “spin-the-wheel” in French, Roulette was first introduced in France in 17th century. Players has variety of betting options, such as betting on single number (comprises of 37 numbers), odd or even, range of numbers, or colors. A croupier will spin the wheel, and a ball will be spin in an opposite direction. The number in which the ball landed is the winning number.

What is the basis of this system?
This secret guide in fact explains continuous betting for 185 rounds. As I mentioned earlier, chances of winning is 1 in 37 for a single number, so with 185 rounds, probably you will hit 5 bets? But you may ask, with 185 rounds, I will have to spend a lot?
Not anymore, this guide teaches you to bet for 185 times, with only $37, not a single cent more!
Secret behind the Roulette System

How to start? 
Comprehensive step-by-step guide available:
1. Download the software
2. Download from (If you do not have one)
3. After you have downloaded and run the software, select European Roulette.
4. Select Fast Play
5. Click Start Playing and start seeing the software

Or you can view the instructions HERE.

Free Edition Download
Not convinced? Why not take a tour to see some proof video and download the free edition and try it yourself?

*Please take note the free edition only allows you to play on fun (practice mode) and on only 1 casino.
*Complete edition allows you to play real time on 250+ online casinos and place your bets.

Visit Official Site:

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Atlanta SEO Services - Offers 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Atlanta SEO Services
Often we see many companies online offering SEO and various internet marketing services. In reality, how many of them truly perform up to par of the cost you invest? Are you getting positive reward from your investment?

Well, Atlanta SEO Services is the answer for you if you are looking for one reliable SEO services.

About Atlanta SEO Services
A new company, run by a group of committed and skillful people, who called themselves Super Geek Heroes! Although it is a young company, the crews running the sites are people with years of experiences in related field. 

What type of services does Atlanta SEO Services offer?
Atlanta SEO Services offers Site Engine Marketing, or better known as SEM. Creative Design, and Web technologies.

Types of services available:
1. SEO (site engine optimization)
2. Pay-per-click advertising
3. Links building
4. Directory submissions
5. Social Media Marketing
6. Email marketing
7. Website design
8. Content managements
9. E-commerce solutions
10. Database driven applications

11. Friendly customer support

Why spend money for SEO?
You may ask, I have a sites which is running well with stable traffic, findable in search engine, earning positive income, why do i need SEO services?

It is true that you sites are indexed and listed in the search engines, BUT, how well do they rank? On the first page of Google, second page? or the last few pages where hardly anybody will browse through?

Making positive profit? With SEO, Atlanta SEO helps you to index your sites, and link them in a professional manner thus making it rank better in search engine. You may even boost your income/sales 2 to 3 times higher,

Link Building
Atlanta internet marketing offers link building, or better known as backlinks. Numbers of backlinks, and where them from are factors in which Google determine how 'heavy' is your site. If you have quality content, automatically people will link to you, thus increasing your exposure and Page rank. However, they are times where you write quality content, but lack of exposure. Atlanta helps by linking your site to 'good neighbor' (High ranking sites) rather than 'bad neighbor’ (Low ranking sites).

Directory submission
Apart from optimizing search engine, Atlanta will submit your sites to various directory, making it even more searchable on every directory, forums etc.

Social Media Marketing
With the emergence of Facebook, Twitter etc, if you are not using them as tools of advertising, you are lacking compare to your competitors.

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)
Google Adwords is the favorite online advertising company thus far. Instead of generating profits, lack of knowledge in this field might affect your sites performance. Atlanta in deed offers unique and quality management on all PPC campaigns.

"..However, when we create and monitor your PPC campaigns,  we remain tightly focused on your ROI, and we constantly make adjustments where necessary..."

Website Design/Technology
Atlanta is in fact a all-rounder company which not only helps in traffic performance, but also your site appearance as a whole. With better design, colors, placement, and content, your site performance will improve.

Example of sites managed by Atlanta SEO Services
Bruce Hagen, Personal Injury Attorney
Masada Bakery
Love, Douglas & Pope, Inc.
Shaw Tent & Event Rental
Hawkeye Security Depot

and more!!

After partnering with Atlanta SEO Services, the sites mentioned above achieve great success by ranking well in search engine, thus increasing their exposure, and then ultimately their profits.

Free Internet Marketing Analysis
Before you embark your journey on optimizing your sites90 performance, why not do a free analysis provided by the company?
Free Analysis by Atlanta SEO Services

Official Site:
Atlanta SEO Services

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