Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Mitsubishi Lancer - Hills Shopping Mall Kuching

Black and yellow Mitsubishi Lancer spotted at Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching, Sarawak. Those 2 cars were there during the weekend for promotion of their superb car alarm system. 

The black one is the latest model launched in 2007 until present. 





The yellow Lancer is in fact one of the very old models, fifth generation of Mitsubishi series.It was probably launched in 1988+.


Though it is an old car, however, it was modified with minimal body kits, sports rims, and custom yellow paint and vinyl. The front and back lamps are preserved with the original lamps.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Is Churphurp a scam?


Is ChurpChurp a scam?
I’ve been faithfully using ChurpChurp for about a year. If you do not know what is ChurpChurp, it is in fact a sub company of Nuffnang, and users who use ChurpChurp, or better known as Churpers get to earn money by generating unique click through their advertiser’s links.

ChurpChurp pays users RM0.20 for every unique click generated. On every Wednesday, money credited will be doubled to RM0.40 per unique click.BUT, there are few aspects I am not happy with ChurpChurp:

1. Not real time basis of clicks counting
ChurpChurp does not count your clicks as real time basis. In fact, they only credit you your earnings usually after 1 week or after the campaign have ended. In comparison to another similar company, Says.my, the clicks are counted as real-time basis.

2. Unique clicks are not equal to my earnings
Because I always found that my I only have 1 to 2 unique clicks even though I posted my links on my main page of my site with 750 unique visits per day, on Facebook or Twitter, I started to query regarding the mechanism how ChurpChurp count their clicks. I’ve attached some proof on clicks generated through Google Analytics, and how much earning do I get from those clicks.

 My clicks based on Google. 

You can see how pathetic is my earnings for each campaign. Ranging from RM0.20 - RM0.60, or in other words, is only 1 - 3 unique clicks.

If you come to think of it, with total clicks of 300-400 per day, it is almost impossible to receive only that few UNIQUE clicks. Thus I am still waiting for them to credit my earnings, which I would not put so much hope on.

3. Relatively High Payout
Payout is RM100 (about 500 unique clicks), which is considered very high if you do not generate sufficient clicks. Thus I would assume only a minority group of people will successfully get their payout, and probably will need to wait for a year or two for a second payout. This is relatively higher in comparison to other similar regional companies who pay out at RM50.

The purpose of writing this post is not to defame ChurpChurp, but I just want to share my experience with my fellow Churpers. If you have received payout from them, congratulations! 

I welcome comments from everyone.

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