Saturday, 25 June 2011

Genting Highland Trip June 2011 - Part III


In Genting Highland Outdoor Theme Park, there are more than 20+ attractions. One of them is Dinosaurland, which is situated at the end of the theme park. 

This very unique park allows the public to learn about the history of dinosaur. There are small boats, ferrying around 10 people, and the boat will follow the small stream into a man-made cave. One can see different dinosaur in the cave, while there are radio broadcasting regarding the history of Dinosaur. This park is suitable for both adult and children, or even couples!



Besides seeing Dinosaur, there is a small wooden hut, with some design, probably related to people at Dinosaur era.

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If you are visiting Genting Highland, do not miss the Outdoor Theme Park. It has lots of attraction, including family ride, thrill ride, and children ride.


More photos and stories(theme park, food, casino etc) regarding the trip will be uploaded soon.

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Lindy said...

Haha! They should remake the dinosaurs already, it doesnt look real. LOL!!

bongpb said...

Lindy, ha lol, true, the 'Dinosaur' has been there for many many years,hardly maintained, but still
A good attraction though :) children will definitely like it

ken said...

never been there for a long long time already :)

Thristhan said...

Was there last year, but it was too misty to view the Dinosaurs :(

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