Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Jades Photography - Victoria BC

Jades photography, one of the finest photo studios Victoria BC, has produced tons of beautiful and unique photos of different one. Weddings, personal portrait, pregnant mother, kids, landscape, you name it and Jade has done it.

About Jades

“Life moves too fast. There is something to be said for capturing a moment in time and locking it into a photograph. You can capture a quirky expression or an emotion that may have been lost otherwise. Photography can make you see the world from a different perspective and make you see beauty in something where it didn't exist before”

What is so unique about Jades Photography?
You may wonder why choose Jades Photography while there are so many choices out there. In reality, how many of the studios elsewhere really shoot the photos because they love photo shooting? Or they do it for the sake of getting job done only? Jades Photography, with her deep passion for photography, she will take every precious and memorable moment with all her heart, which many photographers are lacking.

These are some examples of Jades Photography’s portfolio:




 Kids, baby etc.

To see more of her work, please go to:

Below are the testimonies of satisfied customer who have had their shot done by jade. 

"Getting our photos done by Jade was a terrific experience. Jade made my partner and I feel comfortable and look great—a tough feat when you’re nine months pregnant! Jade lets you take as much initiative as you like with your photos, but she will also provide a good deal of guidance and make helpful suggestions if that’s what you need. She knows how to make you look and feel your best. Jade has a great eye for detail. With her you get the full package, all at very reasonable rates." - Sheena Sommers

If you are in the middle of finding the best studio, or you want someone to capture your finest moment, then Jades Photography is your best choice. Do not hesitate to contact her through her official site below.

Official Site:

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