Thursday, 29 November 2012

GrabaWriter - World’s Largest Freelance Writing Site

If you love to write articles, blog posts, products description, products review, travelling experience etc, then GrabaWriter is the best site for you to write, and at the same time get paid for doing so!

What is GrabaWriter?

"GrabaWriter is a marketplace where one can outsource or crowdsource their writing/content projects to over 100,000++ writers in the world."

In short, if you are a writer, register at GrabaWriter for FREE, update your profile, and start waiting for order to come in. 


If you are looking for someone to write an article/review/posts for you, yes, GrabaWriter is the best place for you to source around quality and reputable writer. 

For Writer
After registration, to get started, you can select your preferred or expert writing scope, such as Automotive, Health/Fitness, Finance etc. Then, you can set your rate/100 words, such as $1.00/100 words. If you have an order, complete it, and you can withdraw your funds via PayPal or Western Union. 

For Client
Get ready to browse through a complete list of various niche writers with various background and expertise, find the one suits your needs and start ordering now. Payment rates will depend on the niche writers' rate, can be as low as $0.1/100 words, to as high as $10/100 words. The choice of writers is totally yours, and you have the chance to reject the work if it does not meet your expectation and requirements. Hence, you need to provide as detail as possible to the writer in order for them to provide you a nice piece of work. 
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