Monday, 19 November 2012

Earning with Adfly - URL shortening service that pays!

This is my first month using Adfly, yes i know i am late, and being late is definitely better than not trying it at all. I am already earning with Adfly, how about you? ^^

In general, Adfly provides you with a service for FREE, they shortened any URL you want, be it your personal link, or a public link, and then you get paid when people click the shortened Adfly link, as simple as that.

Get Paid for using their service
You get paid for every unique click and also repeat clicks. Rates is calculated based on 1000 unique clicks of the URL. Payout rates differs each day, but as a general guide, the rates differs by countries, higher in United States, United Kingdom and lower in Asia.
Payout rates as on 18 Nov 2012.(Click to enlarge)

Low Payout, easily reach
As long as you reach $5, you can request for cash out, and of course the preferred way is always using PayPal, safe and secure! Payment normally done once a month timely.

Detail statistic on how you perform daily! (Click to enlarge)

You are from outside of United States? Worry no more, Adfly accept international publishers, even in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines etc.

Its never too late to try, i almost reach my first payout, how about you?

Do come back for my further updates on my cash out history. 

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