Thursday, 5 May 2011

15-year-old Form 3 girl ENGAGED with a 32-year-old Divorcee?

During my clinic session today, came across an usual encounter:

A 15-year-old school girl came with her school uniform, complaining of second episode of shortness of breath and cramping of 4 limbs. She was suffering from a condition called hyperventilation.(see below)

In questioning on why she had an attack, she admitted that she was forced to engage with a 32 years old divorcee, who has only met her parents 2 days prior to the engagement. He owns a grocery shop in a small village, and is relatively 'RICH'.

However, the girl is currently dating her elder sister's EX-BOYFRIEND, who is currently a 21 years old young jobless boy. The reasons for the parents to engage their daughter being they didn't want their daughter to hang out with the young guy.
After a 15 minutes counseling with the family, I handed over the family to the counseling unit for a better and formal interview.

Doctors are not only helping those with physical disabilities, however, they do help those who are emotionally and mentally ill patients, as per WHO definition of Illness - a state of physical, mental and/or emotional unwellness.

-Hyperventilation or overbreathing is the state of breathing faster and/or deeper than normal at rest,[1] with more specific sources generally adding being inappropriately high in regard to the respiratory drive from carbon dioxide,[2] or causing inappropriate decrease of it.[3] It can result from a psychological state such as a panic attack, from a physiological condition such as metabolic acidosis, or can be brought about by lifestyle risk factors or voluntarily as in the yogic practice of Bhastrika. It often occurs together with labored breathing, which, in contrast, can also be a response to increased carbon dioxide levels.)

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