Wednesday, 4 May 2011

TRICUBES Stocks has jumped leaps and bound

Chart showing the superb increment!

Soon after Prime Minister Malaysia, Dato Sri Hj Mohd Najib has announced the project of 1Malaysia Email, which will be run by Tricubes Sdn Bhd, this GN3(see below) Company as appearead in Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur(BSKL), the stocks has jumped tremendously from as low as RM0.04 in March 2011 to RM0.4 currently. Meaning to say the stocks has increased to about 10 fold!! Amazing? I believe quite a number of people had captured the good timing and earned a little fortune.

(GN3- A company designated as an Affected Listed Company because its poor or adverse financial condition and level of operations fall into the criteria described in Bursa Malaysia's Guidance Note 3. )

Some words from the Tricubes CEO, saying that each email will cost RM0.50 and the government will bear the cost, meaning that all the Malaysia citizens who are above 18 will have a unique email ID, and this email will be used as the primary email when dealing with government sector.

There has been voices from various community, concerning the cost, and the security issues with 1Malaysia email. The public has fear that they will lost private and confidential data from the email, while some are worry regarding the fees charged by the company. In Japan, SONY PlayStation 3 online network was breached recently in April 2011 and millions of users' credit card details breached, what more to say an email account?

Using email is fast and convenient. With instant access to the public, things get processed and done faster. However, things are largely different in Sarawak rural area, in which access to proper water and electric supply is lacking, what more to say Internet or wifi services?

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