Friday, 25 January 2013

StockBase POS 2012 - No.1 Business Management Software

Running your own business and headache of how to handle your cash flow, stocks, etc? Problems with billing, or intend to use bar code for your products?

Worry no more, start now with StockBase POS 2012, a free business management software, which keeps your business competitive in today's marketplace.

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EGA Futura

Why EGA Futura?
In the market, there are hundreds to thousands of business management related software. However, EGA Futura has made their software, StockBase POS 2012, to be one of the most reliable software available currently.

1. Long and established history since 1994- by EGA Futura, and currently used by 21 countries worldwide.

2. Freeware
- complete freeware with no limitation of functions and usage period

3. Windows Compatible- easily operated using Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or even Windows 2008.

4. Bar code Processing Ready

- easy information retrieval system via their bar code processing features, which makes your stock check and inspection easier.

5. Complete & easy-to-use
- friendly user interface, in which i could not describe to you until you try it. No manual or training needed :)

"Time is money, start using it now before your competitors do!"

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JimmyJohn said...

With the help of business management software transactions can be recorded easily without any big trouble. Various reports like expenses, cash etc can be checked easily.

business process management tools

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