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Trip to Korea, 2012

Thanks to my wife(she sponsored), we had a wonderful trip to Korea in December 2012. It was an unplanned trip, and we just decided to join the tour a month ago prior to departure. Of course, it cost us quite a lot, but as opposed to what I always believe in, there are always other things which is more important than the money. 

We joined a local travel agency, and paid RM4899 (Roughly USD 1600) per person for the trip. We were flying from Kuching, and due to the flight schedule, we were arranged to stay in Kuala Lumpur for a night before heading to Incheon, Korea. We spent a night at Nilai Spring Resort, which is about 30 minutes from LCCT/KLIA.

The flight to Korea took about 7 hours. We were advised to bring along all our jacket on board as it was winter in Korea, and temperature ranging from 2C to -6C. For those who like to experience extreme cold weather and snow, December is a good time to travel. 

Upon arrival at Incheon Airport, we were 'attacked' by the freezing breeze that hit our face, and definitely not that comfortable for us from tropical country. Upon welcomed by our tour guide, Mr Yuan, a Korean who speaks better mandarin than me, we rushed to Gimbo Airport for our next flight to Jeju Island. 

Before I proceed, probably I should explain roughly what was my intinery. The package included 7 days 6 night of stay in Korea, first 2 days at Jeju Island, third day to Nami Island, fourth day to Mount Sorak, fifth and sixth day at Seoul, Korea for the various attractions. 

Flight to Jeju took about 50 minutes using Jeju Air, the air stewardess served us in long sleeve T-shirt with their cheerful smile and professional service. We were arranged to stay in Marina Hotel. As no programs at night, we walked around the hotel, and get ourselves some snack from 7-11 convenient store. 

The next day, we went to a mandarin orange farm for some souvenirs, then head to a trekking mountain, sorry I couldn't recall the name. After that, we went and visit their Jeju 'Natives' village, in which they actively promoting their products, such as 'Horse's Bone Powder', 'Honey' etc. We had their famous 'black pork' as our lunch. 
Well, that's not me, and not my wife too. Just not in time to get a clear shot of the name of the mountain. 

 Along the trekking path. 

 Shot from the top, took us about 30 minutes to reach the top.

'BBQ Black Pork'

Compliment side dishes

Then in the afternoon, we managed to visit few museums, namely Teddy Bear Museum, Trick Art Museum.  
 Trick Art Museum

Teddy Bear Museum

Making Kimchi lesson! 

The next day, we flew back to Gimbo Airport via Jeju Air, and head straight to Nami Island. For Korean drama fans, Nami Island is famous for drama shooting - 'Winter Sonata'.  
Famous Ginseng Chicken on the way to Nami Island

 Entrance of the Nami Island (More photos coming up)

BBQ Chicken as dinner

After dinner, we headed to HanWha Resorts for a night. Excellent Hotel. 

The very next day we went to Mount Sorak, which is one of my favourite. Breath taking snowing scenery. 

 Temple at the end of the path. 

Photo taken inside the cabel car at Mount Sorak. 

After a cold long walk at Mount Sorak, we had a mushroom steamboat. 

At Nami Island, where the film Winter Sonata was shot:

Hot red bean cake, 1000won. 

Evening was our skiing session. Well, this was y first time, and of course I fell down a few times. But, it was fun!!! For those who travels during the winter period, please take some time, stop by at the skiing centre and practise falling down some skiing. 

We stayed a night at Oak Valley Hotel, and of course another awesome hotel!

The next day is Everland Theme Park! However, due to the heavy snow, many of the outdoor activities were suspended. We can only afford to enjoyed some indoor ride, which is more suitable for family and kids. :(

This is Zoo Safari in the Everland, where you can sit back and relax in their bus, and enjoy a 20 minutes brisk ride, watching different animals. 

This is Nanta Show, highly recommended! A must-go attraction spot. 

Tonight, we stayed at S Hotel. We were arranged to shop a few famous spot at Seoul, such as their Korean Ginseng Outlets, Purple Crystal factory, SeaWeed Factory and their 'Hu Gan Bao' - a manufactured-in-Korea-only medicine which is used to clean one's liver and improves the functions. Of course, a set of those simply cost around USD1000+ EXCEPT for the seaweed, whcih cost around USD 10 per package. We shopped at 'Dongdaemun' at night,  and my wife had her spending spree there. 

 Another meal of Ginseng Chicken, this time with Abalone. 

We also visited the place where their previous emperor stays. 

In the evening, again we shop till drop at 'Myeongdong'.

Last breakfast at Korea, Udon.

(More photos to come, please come back for full update and photos)

Famous Banana Milk, 1200won, or about RM4 per bottle. 

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Tan said...

Hi, Can I know your followed which local (Malaysia) travel group? Can I know the name of the travel group?
Because I wish to travel in Korea too.

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