Wednesday, 26 December 2012

HANWHA Resorts, Korea

This is a great resort! Though I had only a night at HANWHA Resorts, it truly impressed us with their astonishing room, high speed WiFi, wide variety of breakfast selection etc. The hotel has a mini supermarket right at the basement, Fresco, selling stuff like fresh vegetables, drinks, instant noodles, junk food and many more. 

Awaiting check in at the lobby of HANWHA Resorts.

(Empty room, this is ideal for those who likes to experience sleeping on the floor, 'tatami' style, bed, pillows are stored in the cupboard. 

Instead of calling it a hotel room, it acts more like an apartment. It has 2 rooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom. Thus, this room can in fact accommodate at least 4 adults. 

Another room with king size bed. 

Small television with satellite channels.

A small kitchen, which allows the users to cook. 

This is the speed of the WiFi. Download speed of 10Mbs/s and upload speed of 9.17Mbs/s. 

This is a very nice hotel, if you have the chance, I strongly recommend you to stay in for a night to experience it yourself. 

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Anonymous said...

very nice review. especially that speedtest screenshot. I was very impressed the first time I was in this resort. Waterpia was amazing also..

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