Saturday, 8 August 2009

Super Robow Wars Portable A SAVED GAME Download

As I've promised before, I've already have the save file uploaded. My main character is the female pilot, with strongest in shooting. My male character is almost the same, but stronger in close combat.

In this screen is the normal kick start for the pilot(1st pic), and you can see how I start my game with the saved game with such ability and the money(2nd and 3rd pic).

This is the normal ability

You can start the game with this abilities, Level 3 only ...

...and with this MONEY !!!

How to use the saved game?

  1. First download the file HERE

  2. Extract the file using WinRar or WinZip.

  3. Copy the entire folder into your PSP system - "savedata" folder.

  4. Start the game with Load in the SRW main menu.

  5. Enjoy !!

Should you find the link is not working,please kindly drop me a comment/email, so that I can email the file to you. (Please link to my blog if you love what you download, thanks)

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bernie81 said...

orry I need your assistance. For your saved gamme for the Super Robot war A portable including other which I've DL to my psp, all seems to be corruted....any idea how to fix it??

Peter said...

Hi, you need to unzip it using Winrar, then place the whole folder (ULJS00143000 Folder) to savegame folder in PSP, does it work? my PSP is PSP2000, can reach me at if you wan to

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