Wednesday, 29 July 2009

PSP: Super Robot Wars Portable A - Saved Game for DOWNLOAD

Super Robot Wars Portable A is a remake SLG game(from GBA to PSP) which was released sometime back in 2008. It is a must-have SLG for SRW fans.

This game features not only the traditional weapon and armor upgrade system, you can upgrade the pilots' status according to their mecha type(e.g. Accuracy, dodge, close combat or range attack...). In addition, it enables your pilots to learn different abilities, namely support attack/defense etc.

Apart from that, once a pilot has shot down 50 enemies, he/she will gain a special ability which is unique to them. Different pilot will have different ability, which then makes replay value very high (Some of the pilots with very lousy mecha tend to have very special ability).

For the mecha, if you have upgraded them to 100%(HP, EN, armor, mobility), they will gain special abilities too, such as gaining a new weapon. On top of that, they can have extra 10% for either one of HP, EN,armor, and mobility increment.

I've beaten this game for 4 times, and this is my 5th time, and why I am posting the saved game for download is because you can retain the pilot abilities/status and the gold when you start a new game. In other words, I can start the game with all my mecha 100% upgraded. Some rumors say that beat the game for 5 times and you can get a secret mech in Super Robot Wars Portable A.

I am currently doing the fine tuning of my saved game, and will upload it in my next post for download. Do come back and check up my latest post. Thanks.

8/8/2009 - Saved Game ready -Download HERE !!!
Latest Post HERE with my pilot's abilities and money !

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