Monday, 20 July 2009

Money for nothing and Chicks for free?

Recently I came across a website :

This website mainly promotes about fast money, or get-rich-quick scheme
, mainly for Malaysian and Singaporean. In this website it says that this guy named Jason Tan (fake name?), able to earn up to RM38,000/USD 10,000 per month, lives in Damansara Perdana luxury condominium, driving Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG. Too good to be true huh?

Well, the story may be partially correct, I think he is making quite a lot of money through his website, but not up to USD10,000 per month I guess. The most probable "thing" or "package" that he is selling is mainly a system, or template to come out something like what he is doing now, which you can customize it according to your preferences. Through this template, then you can produce your own website with minimal cost possible, and gain return slowly. Working 2 hours per week like what he said in the website, maybe is to update his website, and bank account.

He is selling it for RM90/USD29, with instant access to his package. I have not purchased anything from him, and I am not sure what exactly is his package, I am just doing a guess that he is selling some kind of template or system.

The page looks attractive, and it is probably true that you can make money from the system. However, I would say maybe you need some start-up money, or some patience in doing it. Hopefully it is not a scam.


Lionel Messi said...



הנושא של יותר נפלא

Mishu said...

thanks for sharing ur info. I am not much sure aout the authencity of such sites. We need to be carefull aout such sites.

faye said...

very easy money. i like that, not much work to

Kelvin said...

tats a scam, u will get nothing out of these site and they will get ur money.

Peter said...

ya probably a scam,but this site has been there for many years,not banned yet?probably he still making money from it..

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