Sunday, 11 April 2010

EasyHits4U gives me 100+hits/day

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Having joining for almost 1 year, it consistently provides me with >100 unique hits/day until today. This is a blog roll site in which you register as a member(free) and visit other people's blog. While reading other people's blog, you gained credits and people will read your blogs as well.

Other than providing me the traffic, it has another feature in which is unique to, is the 5-Level Referrals system. Your referrals can earn credits for you while they are surfing. When the blogs they read reaches 100, you get $0.10. Apart from that, you get rewarded with $0.30 when you have viewed every 1000 sites (unlimited).

However, if you are using Adsense, I would suggest that you don't use as they may target you as cheating and ban your Adsense account.

In short, join as free member, surf now and start getting traffic to your sites, you will definitely see the difference.

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