Wednesday, 2 June 2010

JUNE 2010 Latest Campaigns - Paying you up to RM30,000 - Earn MYR0.20 per unique Supoprt

Here is a series of Malaysia Campaigns, paying you as high as RM30,000+. The rule is simple, you must support their ads first, then you will be given a unique link, promote your link and you will get paid(unlimited clicks). In other words, you support 5 campaigns, and only 5 people click your each link - RM0.20 x 5 x 5 campaigns, you will get RM5.00. It is simple, and it guarantee pays.

Post it in your blog/Facebook, you will definitely get more than 5 clicks per day.

Campaigns List: (You can support all to get different promo link)

  1. Milo Hidup Bola
  2. KFC Snax
  3. Dah Lihat Video ini? - Nota Cinta
  4. Biotherm
  5. NIKE Cup Kuala Lumpur

Even you don't like promoting the campaigns, you can always support your favorite products too. :D

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your info,RM0.20 per click works!!

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