Thursday, 3 March 2011

Best Way to Advertise Your Blog or Your Ads for FREE !

Many a times we were scratching our head, surfing net aimlessly, thinking of millions way to increase our blog traffic, and for some of us, to publish ads for our products. Some of the popular ways include using recognized companies (Google Adwords, Adbrite etc) or using blog rotation sites (BlogExplosion, Easyhits4u etc). However, many of the ways require the users to pay a certain of fees in order to publish their ads or their unique websites. There are hardly any websites offers Free Advertising like LeadsLeap does. 

LeadsLeap is not another pay-to-click site, but it acts as a huge network, gathering millions of people in a network and put a link between them. For instant, I can advertise my blogs or my products through the sites using free credits. 
LeadsLeap offers you free registration, and once you've become a member, you are given 100 credits for free, in which you need to advertise your blog/sites. A credit means a visit to your blog. In order to gain free credits, simply click on others sites or you can purchase from LeadsLeap (which I don’t recommend to).

I can assure you your URL is displayed to millions of users, and only the unique clicks counted as spending your credit. I;ve used it for few times, and it works great when it comes to advertising my blog and my items in ebay.
Register now to get free 100 credits. You need not spend a single penny to advertise your sites to the world. 

Try it.
Official websites here:


Jeannine said...

Great tip! Thanks

Peter said...

No thanks, I'm also new in using this :)

Blog Directory said...

Submitting to blog directories can help also...

Jeremy said...

Great tips! If you want to mail even more, click the link below for FREE Mailer credits:

This is a regularly updated list of promo codes that I found that you can use at the top converting safelist sites.

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