Sunday, 27 May 2012

Part time online jobs - Earn More than Nuffnang & ChurpChurp?

After few years of using Nuffnang and ChurpChurp, I've cashed out few times from Nuffnang, however still NIL from ChurpChurp. My total Nuffnang earnings has reached RM 300+, while ChurpChurp is around RM80+. This is few years of hard work, and perseverance of maintaining the site, so that Nuffnang will favor your site and grant your site more metered ads. 

Apart from participating in local online advertising companies, it is good if you can spare some extra time, and start earning USD. Yes, I mean earning $$$, and it will save your some hard work and time as what you earn is basically 3 times more on what you earn in Malaysia. provides lots of data entry jobs, form filling, and survey. If you are hard working, normally you can earn an average of $0.50 - $1.50 per hour. Seriously, it is about RM1.50 - RM4.50 per hour, might be better than doing some part time jobs out there. 

Registration takes less than 2 minutes, join them at OnlineJobsFree. Free registration. How do they pay you? They pay every 15 days, if you are fast, easily 2 times cash out a month. They can pay you by Paypal, or even wire transfer. 

My earnings thus far (Joined 24 May 2012, Earnings edited 27 May 2012):  

Earning on 3 June 2012, 10 days after I registered.

Not convinced? Visit their official site to find out more: OnlineJobsFree

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Car Wash Guide & Equipment

In Malaysia, almost every household owns a car, some own more than one car. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road each year, car wash service also blooming in all parts of Malaysia. 

However, is sending your ride to any car wash center a wise choice? Will they clean your car in the correct and proper ways?

With this guide from this site, it describe steps by steps on how to wash your car correctly, also on tips on detailing your ride. 

Official Site:
How to wash your car?

(Click to follow)

 It describe on basic things you need to properly clean your car.

Official Site:

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nissan Skyline - Photo shooting with Pretty Model

Nissan Skyline in Kuching during outdoor photo shooting with a young, cute and beautiful model.

(Photos reproduced from StayTuned. If you like the photos, please follow their fan page below for latest photos and updates)

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Like the photos? Please like their fan page too:

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Earning Passive Income with Squidoo

Squidoo is just so addictive. Once you have started, you will never stop! 

Official Squidoo Page:

Oh wait, what is Squidoo? And what exactly should I do to start earning this income? No worry, I will tell you some basic tips you need to start earning.

I started my Squidoo journey only in May 2011, in which Squidoo has already been there since 2005. Squidoo is in fact a free user-generated website, and every members is called a 'Lensmaster'. Once you have your account created, you can start creating page, which is called a 'Lens'. Creating a unique and quality page is all what you need, and with quality content and genuine photos, your lens will be ranked(called lensrank) in respective category. The higher rank your lens achieved, the better your income. The lenses that you created will be like this:  (XXX is your lens title)

For example: 
Pivot Raizin Vlatage Regulator & Stabilizer

So how exactly can you earn some pocket money? 

1. Sharing of d Ads Income
Squidoo pays you for every lens you created, of course with lensrank 85000 or higher. If you look at a Squidoo page, you will see Adsense ads, Chitika ads, text ads etc. Squidoo earns their big money from those ads clicks. So, even with your very own lens, you will see Adsense and other ads. So, when your lens achieved a certain lensrank, you will get a 'share' from the total money that Squidoo generated for the past few months. 

Payout is 2 months back, meaning that they will pay you your March 2012 earnings in May 2012. Payout can be as low as $0.39, to as high as $9.00 per lens. (Well that's my limit, you might have higher income if you have a much more better lens than me)

(Click to enlarge)

There is no limit in how many lenses you can have, if you are hardworking and persevere enough, you can create up to 500 lenses or more.

See the lens which gave me $26.34 thus far: Angry Birds on SONY PSP Now

2. Earning commission using eBay, Amazon, Zazzle, Cafepress etc.
So now we are done with earning from ads, secondly is earning through commission from those gigantic online auction site. Squidoo came equipped with 'modules', such as eBay, Amazon, and you can freely insert the module into any of your lens. When someone clicks your link and purchased something, there you go, you get money for that! Simple!

See the lens which gave me commission through eBay: Pivot Mega Raizin

My total income thus far after one year: $42.54

Some people want only get-rich-quick program or sites, i can seriously tell you Squidoo is NOT such sites. Yes you can earn money, but at a stable and increasing manner. Squidoo will get serious with you ONLY when you get serious with them. The only way to success in Squidoo is to create UNIQUE and QUALITY page.

Official Squidoo Page:

Examples of Squidoo Lenses:

How to Earn from Nuffnang

Modified Kia Forte/Cerato

How to wash your car correctly

MI4: Lea Seydoux

QUIZ: Logo and Brands

To read more Squidoo lens: Read More

Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Nuffnang Traffic vs Google Traffic

Greetings to all Nuffnang user from various countries. Majority of us, including me really enjoy being part of Nuffnang community. I've been in Nuffnang for more than 2 years, but only being active for the past 1 year. I am currently waiting for 3rd payout, though slow, but it is still something.

I am here to share a little bit regarding the traffic stats shown in Nuffnang, and the stats shown by blogspot. (Please refer to photos)
To my surprise I saw quite a significant of differences between two. With average daily unique visits of 250+ in Nuffnang, it was recorded as high as 800+ unique visits in blogspot, and I don't track my own page views.

(Click to enlarge)
The above photos showed that I have a weekly unique visits of 1300 - 1700, so it is only about 185 - 242 unique visits per day.

(Click to enlarge)

This is the similar period as above, showing my traffic by Google, with daily unique page views of 700-800! This is huge difference between those 2 statistics.

Anyway, regardless of the traffic differences, I will still continue to use Nuffnang. The sister company of Nuffnang, ChurpChurp, also showed similar 'behavior', in which their clicks do not really reflects the real clicks i achieved. To read more please go to Is ChurpChurp a scam

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Super GT Queen Malaysia 2012 Finalists

Started in 1993, Super GT was formerly known as All-Japan Touring Car Championship (JGTC). Round 3 Malaysia will be held from 9-10 June 2012. Oh wait!! Apart from enjoying fast and furious GT racing, Super GT is in fact in the search of Super GT Queen, and the winner will have the chance to go Japan in 2013. 

Below are the 25 finalists in the Super GT Queen 2012 Malaysia. Not only beauty is important, they are equally good in public speaking and other talents too.

Yumi Meiki, 24, 32B - 23 - 34
Evonne Chou, 19, 32B - 24 - 33

Erica Chan, 17, 34B - 26 - 33

Cookies Yap, 19, 32B - 26 - 33

Lily Kon, 20, 33B - 25 - 35

 Mico Lee, 23, 32B - 23 - 33

Charissa Chong, 18

Cath Lim, 20, 31B - 24 - 34

Jesnny Mok, 20, 32B - 27 - 35

Freda Foong, 24, 32B - 25 - 35

Akifu, 23, 32B - 24 - 34

Heidi Goh, 23, 34B - 25 - 36

 Cindy Chew, 24, 32B - 23 - 34

Casandra Lim, 20, 30B - 24 - 35

Angie Baby, 21, 32A - 25 - 35

Natasha, 23, 32B - 25 - 31

Valerie Chua,24, 32B - 25 - 36

Vicky Yong, 23

Rice Hing, 21, 34A - 25 -35

Miya Yap, 19, 33B - 24 - 33

Julie Tan, 21, 32B - 23 -33

Taylie Teo, 22, 34B - 25 - 36

Sheila Bannu, 21, 32B - 24 - 34

Roselyn Woon, 19

Pauline Koo, 21, 32B - 26 - 35

Official  Site:

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Pretty Model - Nissan Fair Lady

Below are photos of a Nissan Fair Lady and a pretty model. This shiny and glossy Nissan Fair Lady is from Kuching, Sarawak. 

(Photos reproduced from courtesy of StayTuned. If you like the photos, please follow their fan page for latest photos and updates.)

(Click to enlarge)


Like the photos? Please like their fan page too:

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