Tuesday, 6 October 2009

LATEST UPDATE - Killing Wasp killed the 8-year-old girl tonight

Since the wasp attack that happened last Saturday at Batu Kawa, Kuching, the 8-year-old girl passed away at 8.10pm tonight at Sarawak General Hospital, which made the total victim of 3.

The child's condition was not stable since Sunday morning, and she needed mechanical ventilation. However, she started to developed bleeding tendency, such as bleeding from urination, from stomach and from the throat, which is due to the toxins. We resuscitated the child with 4 DIVC regime(which is used to correct the bleeding tendency), however, the child did not seem to improve, and went into multi organ failure. Her kidneys failed to function, and she did not urinate since this morning, and the urea (a kind of waste product which is excreted by the normal kidney) in her body started to shoot up. Because of her failing kidney, we started hemodialysis today at 2pm, with the hope that part of the body toxins can be removed.

Her liver also started to fail as evident by the raise in liver enzymes (blood test).

I've been taking care the child for four days, and I saw the father everyday. He did not sleep for these 4 days, staying awake to accompany his last daughter and his wife, who is currently in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The father has 3 children, and he lost all of them in 4 days, and his wife is still in critical situation too.

I could not imagine how the father felt right now....I saw him crying like never before. I could not stand the situation and I chose to leave the room, I know if I stay another second, my tears would just came like the father...I know we have tried our best to help all the children, but my heart is still aching, and aching and aching...

To the 3 children: May you rest in peace in another kingdom, protect your father and mother...

( I am praying for the mother, please join me in praying that the mother can go through the critical situation, thanks...)

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Anonymous said...

That is so sad. I will keep her parents in my prayers. I think it is worse than dying from heroin overdose.

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