Saturday, 28 March 2009

Latest Pioneer DEH-P980BT In-Dash CD/MP3/WMA/WAV/iTunes AAC Receiver

Premier™ In-Dash CD/MP3/WMA/WAV/iTunes AAC Receiver with Bluetooth Wireless Technology is so far the highest series of all the Pioneer CD players. It has ms.any functions which only this has and not the other pioneer player.

Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology for "Hands-Free" Calling
24-bit Burr-Brown
Customizable Full-Color OEL Display - 256 x 64 Dot Matrix
Multi-Language Display
iTunes® AAC Playback Compatibility
MP3(ID3 TAG) and WMA Playback
Auto-Flap Motorized Face
16 Band - Auto EQ
Auto Time Alignment
Hi-Volt (5V 100 ohm) Pre-Outs
Satellite Radio Ready - XM Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio (In US, not sure whether it is available worldwide)
Background animation/slideshow
iPod Adapter Ready with New Full Control
3-Way Crossover 3 RCA Preouts
Premier® Two-Year Warranty
Price - USD500+
This is one of the products that you should consider when choosing high-end Pioneer CD receiver. Suggested retail price is $500, however, investing in a very good player which can at least last you for 2 years (Premier warranty) is a very wise choice. Personally i like the customizable full colour OEL display, which really can "colour" your ride.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Pioneer DEH-6950IB CD/Mp3Player with iPod comaptible

I've been using this unit Pioneer DEH-6950IB for 1 year+. I was using a normal Pioneer CD player before(forgot about the model), and there are some advantages with this unit.

First thing I would comment is it provides me with 7-band graphic analyzer, which as far as possible trying to help to tune the music to suit the listener. My previous unit only provide me with low, mid and high. It comes with 5 preset EQ ("SUPER BASS", "POWERFUL", "NATURAL", "VOCAL", "CUSTOM", and "FLAT"), and 2 custom EQ.

Even better, it comes with low and high pass filter which helps to further enhance the component speakers. It helps by cutting down the lower frequency (mainly its the bass) from coming out from the front component,which may distort the quality of the sound.

Furthermore, the deep blue OEL (Organic Electroluminescent) display features incredible brightness, clear readability, wide-angle viewing and full-motion 3D graphics. Because OEL creates its own electroluminescent light, its brightness is resistant to washing out in sunlight.

Adjustable Loudness: You can select "Low", "Mid" or "High" for different levels of loudness compensation.

Rear Channel Output: You can choose to use the rear channel speaker output for full-range speakers or subwoofers. If you select "subwoofer", you can connect a 4-ohm subwoofer directly to each rear speaker lead without using an external amplifier.

Below is the summary of the specifications:
-7-Band Graphic Equalizer
-CD/WMA/AAC playback capability
-MOSFET 50W x 4
-Hi Voltage Pre amp output
-Detachable security face plate
-IP-Bus control
-Rear AUX-IN
-EEQ,Supertuner III D
-Direct Head unit subwoofer control capability (Subwoofer volume, cutoff frequency, normal/reverse mode)
-In built crossover for high pass/low pass
-3 sets pre amp output for Front/Rear/Sub

I bought this player for USD180++. However, this player does not provide time alignment functions which allows you to adjust the time precisely when the music reach the listener(basically it is the driver seat). For the price of it this is a very good unit, and if you need a 13-band graphic analyzer, maybe you can consider unit like Pioneer DEHP-960MP,or some Alpine CD player.

Overall, I would rate this player a score of 7/10, a pretty good car audio player/system. Comments are welcome.

If you wish to see the different DISPLAY or ANIMATIONS this player can show, please follow Pioneer DEH-6950IB Display.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Gundam 00 Season II Episode 24 for Download [CHI]

After a long 1 week, episode 24 is finally released. CLICK HERE to download the animation(P2P) software needed. (Please note that this is CHINESE SUBBED episode.


Saturday, 21 March 2009

Super Extreme Custom Modification of PERODUA KANCIL (Malaysia Car)

These are some photos showing super extreme modification of Malaysia Local-made car: Perodua Kancil (first photo is the stock car in gold paint).

 (Click to enlarge)
 The custom-made front bumper gave me the impression of Volkswagen.

Amazing car with 6 wheels. 21" sports rim??

I guess this allow the car be like hovercraft to be able to move on water??

Crazy Frog Theme !!!

I am kind of speechless with this car, should anyone of you have even more extreme modified car, please kindly let me know.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Toyota Vios - To the EXTREME of CUSTOM-MADE Body Kits

Toyota Vios, probably is the best affordable imported sedan car for a mid-range income  family. Price ranges from RM70,000 to RM90,000, with version J, E, G, and S.

Below are the photos of some extreme custom-made body kits for Toyota Vios at one of the autoshow 2009.

Very Nice and Clean yellow Vios with wide body kits.

The back of the yellow toyota vios with smoked rear lamp

Special gold colour with diffuser in front.

All black design with black headlamp and Lexus emblem on the grill.

Vios design from b1bodykit club

This first model of Toyota Vios fully painted with airbrush and fitted completely with toyota vios DAMD bodykit.

If you like to Toyota Vios, please visit their official site:

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Trip to Damai Puri, Kuching, Sarawak

Compare hotel prices and find the best deal - Apart from talking about cars and car audio, i guess i should once in a while show you guys what am i doing. For the past 2 days, i went to Damai Puri Resort, which is a beach resort at Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Trip was fascinating,and God blessed me with very nice weather.(2 sunny day until i was burnt!!)

And this is me while awaiting for check-in at lobby, promoting for Nestle Yoghurt (lol).

Some of the very nice photo that I've taken.

This is the small crab that I caught. They tend to dig holes and hide inside the sand, and guess what, i was so enthusiastic enough to snap some photo(because of the flash) inside the hole. Sounds stupid huh?..haa and of course nothing was there, lol.

Here comes the exciting part. BREAKFAST !!! The accommodation package includes the buffet breakfast. I would give it a score of 6/10.

Not to forget that i went kayak too. Due to my motion sickness, my breakfast ended up in the sea. I vomited in the kayak. Sorry for the next person who used my kayak.

The accomodation package cost me RM180(or USD 60+), which is very affordable and quite worthwhile for a 2 days 1 night trip.

Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

Official website and booking available at:

Sunday, 15 March 2009

My New Toyota Vios

Hi guys, I am back. Recently i've just bought a new Toyota Vios E. Damm...its cost qute a lot though, and currently I am searching for suitable car audio system and body kits for my car. Previosly noted DLS speaker, 6.5" component and it cost around USD 300+ on ebay..however currently the seller doenst seem to renew the listing.

DLS UP6I 2 Way

I plan to purchase the DLS Ultimate amplifier too. 4 channel and 1 mono amp. However, this is a big budget,and i think it would take a while for me to get it.

Will get back once got the pics for the amp. Any one got offer pls give me the price.

My Built on my other car:
Pioneer DEH-6950IB
Audiobahn ABC6002V 6.5 Component
Audiobahn ABC6002V 6.5 Component
Audiobahn A6005V 4 Channel Amplifier
Audiobahn A16000V Mono Amplifier
MTX 5500 12" Subwoofer

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