Monday, 31 October 2011

Funny Quiz about Malaysia, Singaporean can join too!

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Go to: Official Quiz Page

About this Mini Quiz
This is a 5-minutes fun quiz, comprises of 20 random questions, some are easy while some are tricky. If you have time I would strongly suggest you try out the quiz. 

How to answer the quiz?
1. Go to the QUIZ page.
2. Scroll down the page slowly and answer one by one.
3. Tick the answer you desired, and click 'Finish'.
4. Wait for the result and average score and the proceed to next question.

Your answers is definitely confidential, and you will get to see what is the average score.


Sunday, 16 October 2011

How to Win at Roulette in the Long-Term?

How to Win at Roulette in the Long-Term
If someone tells you that he or she has a sure-win Roulette software or system for any online casino, probably they are cheating your money. BUT, what we will discuss here is “How to Win at Roulette….. in the Long-Term”. The key word is Long-Term!
In Casino, whether a land-based casino, or an online casino, Roulette is one of the most-played games, despite the minute probability of winning.

If you were to bet a single number from 37 numbers, the chance of winning is simply 1 in 37. It sounds impossible to hit your bet at your first bet. There is not a single software or system in the world can tell you exactly what will be the next number that will bring you fortune. However, by using this software, you will WIN Roulette, not at first bet of course, BUT through various bets which will grant you positive winning.

In this guide, you are going to discover a totally new and different way in mastering Roulette in more than 250+ online casinos.

What is Roulette?
Meaning “spin-the-wheel” in French, Roulette was first introduced in France in 17th century. Players has variety of betting options, such as betting on single number (comprises of 37 numbers), odd or even, range of numbers, or colors. A croupier will spin the wheel, and a ball will be spin in an opposite direction. The number in which the ball landed is the winning number.

What is the basis of this system?
This secret guide in fact explains continuous betting for 185 rounds. As I mentioned earlier, chances of winning is 1 in 37 for a single number, so with 185 rounds, probably you will hit 5 bets? But you may ask, with 185 rounds, I will have to spend a lot?
Not anymore, this guide teaches you to bet for 185 times, with only $37, not a single cent more!
Secret behind the Roulette System

How to start? 
Comprehensive step-by-step guide available:
1. Download the software
2. Download from (If you do not have one)
3. After you have downloaded and run the software, select European Roulette.
4. Select Fast Play
5. Click Start Playing and start seeing the software

Or you can view the instructions HERE.

Free Edition Download
Not convinced? Why not take a tour to see some proof video and download the free edition and try it yourself?

*Please take note the free edition only allows you to play on fun (practice mode) and on only 1 casino.
*Complete edition allows you to play real time on 250+ online casinos and place your bets.

Visit Official Site:

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Atlanta SEO Services - Offers 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Atlanta SEO Services
Often we see many companies online offering SEO and various internet marketing services. In reality, how many of them truly perform up to par of the cost you invest? Are you getting positive reward from your investment?

Well, Atlanta SEO Services is the answer for you if you are looking for one reliable SEO services.

About Atlanta SEO Services
A new company, run by a group of committed and skillful people, who called themselves Super Geek Heroes! Although it is a young company, the crews running the sites are people with years of experiences in related field. 

What type of services does Atlanta SEO Services offer?
Atlanta SEO Services offers Site Engine Marketing, or better known as SEM. Creative Design, and Web technologies.

Types of services available:
1. SEO (site engine optimization)
2. Pay-per-click advertising
3. Links building
4. Directory submissions
5. Social Media Marketing
6. Email marketing
7. Website design
8. Content managements
9. E-commerce solutions
10. Database driven applications

11. Friendly customer support

Why spend money for SEO?
You may ask, I have a sites which is running well with stable traffic, findable in search engine, earning positive income, why do i need SEO services?

It is true that you sites are indexed and listed in the search engines, BUT, how well do they rank? On the first page of Google, second page? or the last few pages where hardly anybody will browse through?

Making positive profit? With SEO, Atlanta SEO helps you to index your sites, and link them in a professional manner thus making it rank better in search engine. You may even boost your income/sales 2 to 3 times higher,

Link Building
Atlanta internet marketing offers link building, or better known as backlinks. Numbers of backlinks, and where them from are factors in which Google determine how 'heavy' is your site. If you have quality content, automatically people will link to you, thus increasing your exposure and Page rank. However, they are times where you write quality content, but lack of exposure. Atlanta helps by linking your site to 'good neighbor' (High ranking sites) rather than 'bad neighbor’ (Low ranking sites).

Directory submission
Apart from optimizing search engine, Atlanta will submit your sites to various directory, making it even more searchable on every directory, forums etc.

Social Media Marketing
With the emergence of Facebook, Twitter etc, if you are not using them as tools of advertising, you are lacking compare to your competitors.

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)
Google Adwords is the favorite online advertising company thus far. Instead of generating profits, lack of knowledge in this field might affect your sites performance. Atlanta in deed offers unique and quality management on all PPC campaigns.

"..However, when we create and monitor your PPC campaigns,  we remain tightly focused on your ROI, and we constantly make adjustments where necessary..."

Website Design/Technology
Atlanta is in fact a all-rounder company which not only helps in traffic performance, but also your site appearance as a whole. With better design, colors, placement, and content, your site performance will improve.

Example of sites managed by Atlanta SEO Services
Bruce Hagen, Personal Injury Attorney
Masada Bakery
Love, Douglas & Pope, Inc.
Shaw Tent & Event Rental
Hawkeye Security Depot

and more!!

After partnering with Atlanta SEO Services, the sites mentioned above achieve great success by ranking well in search engine, thus increasing their exposure, and then ultimately their profits.

Free Internet Marketing Analysis
Before you embark your journey on optimizing your sites90 performance, why not do a free analysis provided by the company?
Free Analysis by Atlanta SEO Services

Official Site:
Atlanta SEO Services

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Linknami Review - Make money from home!

If you are looking for one simple and reliable company who offers online blog/sites advertising, link building, or earning side income, then try Linknami.

What is Linknami?
Linknami is a perfect platform for both advertisers, as well as publishers. Advertisers can publish banner ads, text ads, static text links, content snippets and contextual links on relevant pages to get highly targeted visitors. Advertisers can also publish articles on relevant niche blogs or hire blog owners to write articles and publish them on their blogs.

On the other way, a publisher in return uses their sites or blogs to publish the links, or articles to generate income.
The Linknami publisher tools give you the opportunity to monetize each of your pages and each part of your pages individually, from top to bottom, valuable page space that would otherwise be wasted.

Both advertisers and publishers join Linknami for a different purpose! Advertisers join to pay money, and publishers make money from it.

Now you ask, why do advertisers pay money instead?
By joining Linknami, advertisers can generate multiple links from publishers' websites. This not only can generate traffic, but indeed generate powerful backlinks to the advertisers' sites. By getting numerous backlinks, especially from high Page Rank site, this can in return make the advertisers' target page weight 'heavier' in the search engine.

Ranking on first page on Google in return rewards advertisers with traffic, sales etc. In short, if you are looking for building quality backlinks, then join Linknami.

How to Earn Money?
So, how a blogger can earn money from Linknami?

There are few ways in which income are generated:

1. Placing Links
By placing text links, contextual links and content snippets on your website and blog pages, blogger will be paid different price according to the sections.
What is text links, contextual links and content snippets? 

Example of different links:

Content snippets -  snippets of text with URL embedded in the text.

Text Link

Contextual advertising

2. Publishing Post or Articles
Blogger get money by writing genuine and honest articles and post it on their site.

These healthy and mutual relationships between advertisers and publishers ensure both parties benefited from Linknami. Linknami is doing strict surveillance in making sure all the sites involved are reviewed and approved before links published. 

How to start?
Simple. Go to and sign up for a free account. Follow the registration process and add your site. Hoola, you are good to start! Registration is FREE!

Still not convinced?
No problem, take a tour to Contact their friendly technician for any queries or doubts you encounter along the way. They are happy to answer your doubts with quick response.

In short, Linknami offers:

1. Buy / Sell Text Links
2. Buy / Sell Blog Posts
3. Buy / Sell Contextual Links
3. Trade Contextual Links

In addition to paid advertising, Linknami in fact offers FREE backlinks builder. Visit for more details!

Official site:    

Friday, 7 October 2011

Free Ebook Download: How To Create Your Own Ebook without Writing One Word

"How To Create Your Own Ebook without Writing One Word"
Stop struggling trying to write profitable ebook yourself, especially if you hate writing. You can now create your own ebook without even writing a single word.

This is an simple ebook, How To Create Your Own Ebook without Writing One Word, covering on ways to create your own ebook in few steps without even writing any words.

We are providing FREE download link here, you can download as many copies as you want, if you like our site, please link to us for download. We will provide many more free ebooks in the future for download.

DOWNLOAD How To Create Your Own Ebook without Writing One Word

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Free Ebook Download: The Making Of An Internet Millionaire

The Making Of An Internet Millionaire

Everybody dreams to be an Internet millionaire, me too. Before you become an Internet millionaire, why not stop by, read someones story and get inspired by them? 

This is a FREE ebook, telling some truth on process of becoming Internet millionaire. In reality, not many people will success and become Internet Millionaire, probably 98% are doing average, and only 1-2% are doing extremely good. Real success does not come from sitting facing computer alone, but it involved putting in a lot of hard effort, and hours and hours of research.

We are providing FREE download link here, you can download as many copies as you want, if you like our site, please link to us for download. We will provide many more free ebooks in the future for download.

DOWNLOAD The Making Of An Internet Millionaire 

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Monday, 3 October 2011

Google Adsense vs Nuffnang


Google Adsense vs Nuffnang
Cracking your head thinking of which one to use for your blogs and sites? Or want to use both instead to maximize earnings? Please read carefully on few criteria below to choose the best online advertising company for your blog.

If you are more into Internet money-making rather than blogging, probably you will stuff whatever online ads you find into your sites to optimize your earnings. BUT, this will only make yourself crumpled with ads and scares your readers away. 

Before we start, we should look into how a blogger can generate income from his or her blogs:
1.    By Clicks - Blogger get paid when readers click on the ads on your sites.
2.    By Impressions  - Blogger get paid by getting sufficient traffic to the sites.

First before you start, ask yourself a few questions: 

1.     Identify your Objective(s)

Blog for money or interest? 

First thing first, in reality there are not many who can successfully earn a living with the pure intention of making money from Internet. There are definitely more people who write good quality blogs, and making money from it as a bonus. If you are not into blogging, think of other ways to make money, such as affiliates marketing, online auction etc.

2.    Who is your audience? 

Malaysia or Non-Malaysia ?
If your sites are targeting audiences mainly in Malaysia, probably it is better to use Nuffnang rather than Adsense. Majority of the Google Adwords advertisers are from United States, Europe, or UK in which their high paying ads are targeted to their own countries. The high paying ads will not show up if your site is browsed from an Asia IP address. In other words, you are publishing low paying ads with merely $0.01 to $0.10 earned per click. High paying ads can generate high income, as high as $5.00 per click.

On the other hand, Nuffnang prefer sites with visitors from Malaysia & Singapore as advertisers are local from Malaysia. Thus, even though you are running a Page Rank 5 international site, you may have only minimal earnings from Nuffnang.

3.    Do you use blog rotation sites?

If you use certain blog roll or blog rotation sites, it is best to avoid using Adsense as it will get your account suspended. Example of blog rotation sites which poses some risks to your Adsense account include Easyhits4u, BlogExplosion, Linkreferral etc.

4.    How much is your daily traffic?

If your site receive daily traffic of few thousands unique page views, then most likely you will success with Adsense. Google Adsense pays every time when your impressions reach 1000, and the amount they pay varies each time based on your eCPM.

On the contrary, Nuffnang will be good if used for average page views sites, as blogger get paid whenever an ad is published(regardless of page views).

The above conclusions are my humble opinions. It may differ from individual to individual and depend on the natures of the sites, it might work differently. 

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